OSUIT celebrates off-campus students with Commuter Appreciation Week

OSUIT celebrates off-campus students with Commuter Appreciation Week

OSUIT billboard on Highway 75.

Commuter Appreciation Week is back for the second year beginning Oct 15 with events aimed directly at OSU Institute of Technology’s off-campus and commuting students.

The week will include two free breakfasts, a car wash giveaway and a quick lesson in car maintenance for the nearly 60 percent of students who drive to campus each day.

Kamie Rash, interim director of Student Life, said last year’s inaugural Commuter Appreciation Week was a great success.

“There’s a large number of persons who come to campus each day by means of a commute. Because of this, a lot of times they miss out on the student programming that the campus residents have an easier time taking advantage of,” Rash said. “Commuter Appreciation Week is our way of saying thank you for getting in that car and making the drive to campus every time.”

Each day there will be special events and activities including free breakfast from 7 to 9 a.m., on Monday in the Cowboy Café and Waffle Wednesday in Covelle Hall. 

“We all have those mornings where we scramble around to get ready and forget breakfast, or the traffic is slow on your way to campus and you don’t have the time to stop at your favorite place on your way for a bite to eat, or maybe you put your last dollar in your tank for gas and don’t have enough for food that morning,” she said. “Whatever the reason, during those two mornings Student Life is picking up the tab and offering free breakfast to go.”

Student Life and Tidal Wave Car Wash, 1610 S. Wood Dr., partnered to offer 80 free car wash tickets to students on a first come-first serve basis to students beginning at 7 a.m., Tuesday in Covelle Hall.

The student club FAST— Ford Asset Student Technicians— will offer Tune Up Thursday from 8 a.m., to 4 p.m. at the north entrance of Covelle Hall, students just need to drive their vehicles under the awning, Rash said.

“Students in the FAST club will walk through the items on a vehicle that need to be routinely checked to remain safe on the road. We will be able to check tire pressure, oil levels, air filters, windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze levels,” she said.

The FAST club members won’t be performing any maintenance on the vehicles, but they can refer car owners to local shops that offer student discounts.

“The idea of Tune Up Thursday is to show the students those little things about their car, that if routinely checked and monitored, can make the difference between a safe commute and a troublesome ride.”

It’s all a way to say thank you to OSUIT’s commuter student population.

“We truly appreciate all of our students, but it’s the commuter students who take the effort and sometimes the risk of getting in their vehicle every day they come to campus.” Rash said. “For OSUIT, that’s a majority of the students who come to campus on any given day of the week. To all commuter students, Student Life just wants to say thank you.”