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Contact 3D Modeling & Animation

For questions about the 3D Modeling & Animation program or enrollment assistance, please contact Trudy Book at 918-293-5050 or email her at

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Trudy BookSr. Administrative Assistant


The faculty of the 3D Modeling & Animation program are highly experienced designers, creatives, artists, who have worked for and with a varied clientele locally, regionally and nationally. These are practicing professionals who continue to work and bring their expertise into the classroom every day. The depth of their skills, their dedication, and the extent of their experience, help to prepare our students to enter into the extremely competitive arena of graphic design, branding, advertising, 3D modeling and other creative endeavors. It is the goal of our faculty to instill the passion, desire and dedication it will take to be the next generation of outstanding, working creatives!

Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson has over 20 years in the creative field as a story boarder, motion graphics artist, designer and writer. Having graduated from OSUIT in 1997, he has produced national level work for clients like Remington Firearms, Twentieth Century Fox, Arvest Bank, as well as a host of local businesses, startups and regional clients. His time at agencies, including Fireant, XOR, Brothers & Co., and Ackerman McQueen, as well as operating his own boutique studio for nine years makes him a unique resource for students looking to gain insight into real world experience, as well as the technical aspects of the creative industry. 

Jonathon Goswick

Johnathon Goswick graduated Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in 2013 with a degree in 3D for Game and Architectural Visualization. He has worked in the product design and store layout industry for six years with big name clientele such as Walmart, EA, Lowe's and Walgreens. His work includes store layouts, aisle walkthroughs and product visualization. He joined OSUIT as a full time employee in 2018 and teaches several courses to prepare students for working in the modern consumer market.