3D Modeling & Animation Plan of Study

3D Modeling & Animation Plan of Study

A minimum program GPA of 2.0, with a minimum grade of a C in each departmental course, is required for graduation.

*Courses marked with an asterisk have an additional fee for lab and material costs.

Associate in Applied Science (91 credit hours)

Program Requirements (66 credit hours)

GRD 1133 Basic Drawing*
GRD 1143 Basic Design*
GRD 1243 Advanced Drawing
MMT 1113 Introduction to 3D*
MMT 1153 Introduction to Video Editing*
MMT 1201 Acting & Improvisation
MMT 1202 Creative Problem Solving
MMT 1223 3D Modeling I*
MMT 1323 3D Modeling II*
MMT 1433 2D Animation
MMT 1453 Storyboarding
MMT 1463 Beginning ZBrush*
MMT 2113 Game Design Fundamentals*
MMT 2143 3D Motion Graphics & Special Effects*
MMT 2433 3D Animation I*
MMT 2533 3D Animation II*
MMT 2716 Multimedia Capstone
MMT 2806 Multimedia Internship
VIS 1373 Digital Imaging*
VIS 2433 3D Modeling & Animation Practicum*
VIS 2533 Advanced Digital Imaging*

General Education Requirements (24 credit hours)

American History & Government (6 credit hours)

HIST 1483 or
HIST 1493
US History to 1865 or
US History since 1865
POLS 1113 US Government

English & Language Arts (9 credit hours)

ENGL 1113 Freshman Composition I
ENGL 1213 Freshman Composition II
SPCH 1113 or 
SPCH 2313
Introduction to Speech Communications or
Small Group Communications

Humanities (3 credit hours)

PHIL 1213 Ethics

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

MATH 1513 or
MATH 2003
College Algebra or 
Business Mathematics

Social & Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)

PSYC 1113 or
PSYC 2313 or 
SOC 1113

Introductory Psychology or
Psychology of Personal Adjustment or 
Introduction to Sociology

Interdepartmental Requirements (1 credit hour)

GTGE 1111 College Cornerstone