Assessment 101

Assessment 101

Below are basic definitions concerning how assessment is used at OSUIT. 

What are Assessment Plans?

Each program within each school has an assessment plan. Data is collected each semester. A review of data takes place during the summer semesters. Changes are made to assessment plans for the next academic year based on data, advisory group recommendations, classroom observation, and changes within industry.

What are Core Outcomes?

Core outcomes are assessed in general education courses each semester.

1.    Communication: Effectively communicate electronically, verbally and in writing.

2.    Critical Thinking: Demonstrate logical, systematic problem-solving techniques.

3.    Ethics and Diversity: Develop and display a sense of personal, social and professional ethics, as well as an appreciation of and encouragement for diversity.

4.    History and Government: Explain the cultural heritage and primary elements of the history and government of the U.S. and its people, including diversity especially as it impacts ones industry or field of study.

5.    Technology: Access and use technology appropriate to one’s industry or field of study.

6.    Service Learning: Effectively utilize learned technologies and processes to aid various constituencies in both the campus community and local communities.

What are Program Level Outcomes?

Each degree program has Program Level Outcomes. Program Level Outcomes are ideals that are needed by graduates to be successful working in the professional environment. For each program assessment plan, faculty identify 15 - 30 Program Level Outcomes needed by graduates to be successful working in the professional environment.

What are Learning Objectives? 

Learning Objectives are skills needed by graduates to successfully meet each of the stated Program Level Outcomes.  Using the concepts of Introduction, Reinforcement & Mastery, learning objectives are mapped to the appropriate course(s). 

Each objective is listed on at least one course syllabus.

What are Assessment Methods?

For each learning objective, methods are identified that will be used to measure student proficiency (one method may assess more than one objective). Assessment are identified as either formative or summative.

What are Collection Methods?

Assessments are identified within a course. The assessment score is recorded by the faculty. OSUIT’s target is for 80 percent of the student population taking an assessment score a minimum of at 70 percent.