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BT in Applied Technical Leadership

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The Applied Technical Leadership program is an online, accelerated baccalaureate degree which prepares you to develop, lead and manage current and emerging technologies, technical professionals and related processes. The program’s application-focused projects allow you to align your learning experiences with your respective career trajectories, employers and/or industries.

The Applied Technical Leadership degree was created in response to the demand for individuals who possess the technical, leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills necessary to successfully fulfill supervisory and other administrative positions within today’s organizations and workforce sectors. According to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, General and Operations Managerial positions are projected to increase 9.4 percent by 2026.

A Program Designed For Leaders Like You

The demand is high for skilled individuals who can steer resources and processes toward greater productivity. Positions are widely available for those with technical and management capabilities—individuals able to advance as industry visionaries.

Oklahoma’s industries depend on people like you—the next generation of trained workers to step into leadership roles. OSUIT’s Applied Technical Leadership bachelor’s program builds on associate-level technical degrees—with advanced training for professionals already positioned in the industry sector and ready to move forward. 

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Experience-focused | Learner-centered | Career-aligned 

Consideration for admission to the Applied Technical Leadership program is based on the following requirements:

  • Hold a minimum of an Associate in Applied Science.
  • Submit a completed OSUIT Application for Admission.
  • Provide a current resume.
  • Submit a letter of application describing professional and educational goals.
  • Submit a letter of reference from a non-relative—preferably someone who knows you professionally—which addresses your qualifications to undertake the degree and likelihood for success in benefiting from and contributing to the program.

For more information, call an enrollment advisor today at 918-293-4768 or complete the Request for Information form.

Define Your End Goals And Act On Them

Leverage Your Capabilities


Leverage Your Capabilities
Building on your Associate in Applied Science and technical industry experience, the ATL program develops your leadership and management skills, enabling you to advance in your profession and/or industry.

Launch As An Entrepreneur


Launch as an Entrepreneur
Success as a startup industry professional requires technical know-how and management expertise. The BT in ATL bolsters experience with practical resources for designing your own enterprise.

Enhance Career Opportunities


Enhance Career Opportunities
ATL graduates are prepared to excel as supervisors in various organizational fields—operations, training & development, compliance, quality control & assurance, purchasing, and sales.


Let’s Talk!

Talk to an enrollment advisor today. We can tell you how many of your previously earned credits will apply, how the program will fit into your lifestyle, how much the program will cost, what options are available for financing and financial aid and just how soon you can expect to graduate. 

For more information, call an enrollment advisor today at 918-293-4768 or complete the Request for Information form.

Program Requirements | 120 Credit Hours

Applied Technical Leadership Curriculum

Orientation to Project Design
Foundations in Technical Leadership
Funding the Technical Enterprise
Managing Resources in the Technical Enterprise
Managing Operations in the Technical Enterprise
Leading the Technical Enterprise
Legal Aspects of Technical Leadership
Expanding the Technical Enterprise
Process Optimization in the Technical Enterprise
Project Planning & Implementation in the Technical Enterprise


For more information on the general education requirements, interdepartmental requirements, technical requirements and technical speciality electives, review the plan of study

Why Choose OSU Institute of Technology

Learn from the Experts
Our instructors have extensive real-world experience and teach current best practices based on industry standards.

OSUIT’s programs of study are approved by the OSU A&M Board of Regents, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the Oklahoma State Accrediting Agency. OSUIT is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Learning on Your Schedule
Online classes give you flexibility. The electronic learning environment is convenient—accessible wherever your internet is. 

Get Credit for Prior Learning
Transfer your qualified credits or industry experience to accelerate your graduation and save thousands on tuition.

Save Big on Tuition
At just $5,800, tuition at OSUIT is about half the in-state tuition for most state universities.

Tuition & Financial Aid
Student financial aid awards depend upon two factors: financial need and availability of funds. To determine need, applicant financial circumstances are evaluated. Various federal and state-funded financial aid programs are available to students enrolled in a degree program at OSUIT.