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The Online Classroom is the Oklahoma State University system’s learning management system (LMS). The LMS provides a virtual classroom environment which can be used to support faculty and students in both distance, traditional, hybrid and blended classes. Online Classroom training and tutorials are available through Hoonuit.

Online Classroom Use Expectations

OSUIT expects all instructors to utilize the Online Classroom in order to increase student success, engagement, and retention. Learn more about the tools expected to be implemented with Traditional (TRAD), Blended (BL), Hybrid (HY), and/or Online (WEB) delivery methods.

Syllabus Management

Faculty are required to utilize a common syllabus format for all OSUIT courses. Syllabus templates and other resources are provided on the Syllabus Management page. All current syllabi must be saved as a PDF, approved and uploaded to the Online Classroom and submitted via the Syllabus Submission Form prior to the start of each course.

Updating or Developing a New Online Course

One of The Center’s roles is to assist faculty with the development of new online courses, and updating existing courses (traditional, web, hybrid and blended) to a different delivery method. Use the Course Development Request Form to begin the process. 

After completing the form, the faculty will email it to thecenter.osuit@okstate.edu. An Instructional Designer will be assigned to work with the faculty, and will contact the faculty to begin working on the course.

 Grades and Non-Attendance Reporting

*** How to Report Semester Grades *** This document is currently unavailable

Semester grades are due by the second business day following each semester's graduation. Download the instructions for entering semester grades in Web for Faculty.

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*** How to Use Non-Attendance Reporting *** This document is currently unavailable

Non-Attendance Reporting is used to report students who have not attended any class for a given course or who have not logged/checked in for a given online course. Non-Attendance Reporting opens after the semester add/drop period and remains open for 2-3 business days. Instructions on how to report non-attendance are available here.

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