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Canvas Help - Instructor

Canvas Help - Instructor

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Canvas Instructor

Canvas is a Learning Management System that is adaptable, reliable, customizable, easy to use and mobile-friendly. In this series, you will learn how to use Canvas as an instructor to create new courses and maintain current courses. Manage and run discussion boards within your courses, manage and add assignment to your courses,  work with announcements and the calendar, maintain and add students to your course.  Upon completion of this series, you will gain the knowledge needed to create and maintain distance and resident courses using Canvas. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Creating a course
  • Adding content
  • Discussions
  • Users
  • Quizzes
  • Inbox/conversations
  • Gradebooks

Canvas Instructor - Grading & Assessment Training

In the Canvas - Grading and Assessment series, you will learn how to add and align learning outcomes to your course, assess student work and provide feedback, and create tests and quizzes. 

Canvas Learning Mastery Gradebook Training

The Canvas Learning Mastery Gradebook is a feature that users can opt into if they're interested in seeing how their students are progressing with regards to learning outcomes that they set. Instructors can view their gradebook in two views: grid (standard) view which shows grades, and Learning Mastery view which shows progress relating to defined outcomes. In this online training series, you'll see how to use the Learning Mastery Gradebook feature in addition to tracking student growth relating to goals you establish.​