About Online Classroom

The Online Classroom is the Oklahoma State University system’s learning management system (LMS). The LMS provides a virtual classroom environment which can be used to support faculty and students in both distance and in-person classes.

What's great about it?

The Online Classroom allows faculty to share course content in a variety of media, provide feedback, and promote student collaboration in the virtual classroom.    

How do I get it?

Whether you are teaching in-person, blended, hybrid, or fully online, your Online Classroom is automatically generated each semester and students are automatically enrolled. Although the date can vary, the Online Classroom is usually available a few weeks before the semester begins.  

How can I get help?

We have provided a list of the Online Classroom help for both instructors and students. Please see the links below. You can also call, email, and/or stop by the Center for assistance!

Things to remember

Logging in to the Online Classroom requires the user have an O-Key account.  It's important to note that new users cannot log in to the Online Classroom for at least 24 hours after their O-Key is activated. 


Ways to use the Online Classroom

Classroom Interaction

  • Post thought-provoking questions to the discussion thread and ask students to respond/interact


  • Make student grades available throughout the semester to further engagement and promote retention