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Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals


OSUIT’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is dedicated to the attainment of academic excellence, partnering with academic schools and other institutional departments and promoting continuous professional development to advance educational initiatives that maximize student learning.

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  • Promote the use of evidence-based practices for instruction. 
  • Collaborate on the design, development and implementation of effective curriculum.
  • Increase availability of high-quality distance learning opportunities.
  • Maximize the effective use of instructional technologies.
  • Encourage exploration and experimentation with emerging educational technologies.
  • Encourage a culture of collegiate collaboration.
  • Foster an attitude of continuous improvement.

Programs & Services

  • Professional Development Programs
  • Instructional Consultation and Design Services
  • Instructional Technology Support and Services
  • Model Classrooms/Facilities Reservation
  • Employee Recognition Award Programs