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About MovieCaptioner

About MovieCaptioner

Captioning videos is an important step in making learning accessible for all students. MovieCaptioner is a tool that makes the process of closed captioning videos much easier.

What's great about it?

If you have ever tried to use automatic captioning tools, you'll know that the resulting text is often unreadable. Manual captioning tools give better results, but most require you to constantly move back and forth in the video to hear what needs to be typed into the caption. MovieCaptioner automatically loops short sections of the video until you are ready to move on, making it much easier to enter accurate text quickly without constant stops and rewinds.  This makes the process far less time-consuming. 

How do I get it?

Information for downloading and product registration is available on the Center's SharePoint site. You will need to login using your O-Key information to access the site. Click here to visit the SharePoint site.   If you need assistance, please contact the Center at OSUIT at 918-293-4987.