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About Turnitin

About Turnitin

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Turnitin is used to check for potential plagiarism in submitted student work. Your students' work is checked against billions of webpages and hundreds of millions of articles and student papers, which helps to ensure that student submissions are either their own work or correctly cited. 

What's great about it?

Turnitin also has a grading tool, GradeMark, which many instructors and students find helpful. It allows instructors to view the original format of the submitted document. Faculty can choose to use preformatted comments or create their own text comments or personalized voice feedback. All without having to download, comment, grade and then re-upload student submissions. Instructors who use Turnitin are often able to achieve quicker grading time while providing richer feedback, both of which increase student engagement and satisfaction.

How do I get it?

Turnitin and GradeMark are integrated with the Dropbox tool in the Online Classroom. It is ready for activation in any assignment that students submit through the Dropbox. In order to use GradeMark on a given assignment, you must activate Turnitin for that assignment.

Things to remember

Plagiarism detection software alerts instructors to the possibility of plagiarism in student work; however, there are times when percentages may appear high, where no plagiarism exists.  It is advisable for faculty to further investigate all plagiarism reports on an individual basis.