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Institutional Event Request

Institutional Event Request

OSUIT will routinely host campus events to recognize and foster relationships that increase knowledge and support of the OSUIT mission with key stakeholder groups, including industry partners, government officials, alumni and friends, media, and community members.

Such Institutional Advancement events may include but are not limited to classroom dedication, building dedication, ribbon-cutting, unveiling, fundraising efforts, campaigns, capital projects, endowments, milestones, visiting dignitaries, alumni groups, designated honorees, and other donor recognition plans approved by senior administration.

For an event to be considered, please complete the request form below. Once received, the request will go before senior administration for review and approval. Once approved, the president will invoke the Institutional Event Planning Committee (IEPC) to begin the work necessary for a successful event.

Per policy, the IEPC will determine the date of the event and outline all aspects of the execution, assigning roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the plan.

Please submit your request through the Institutional Event Request Form.