Infection Prevention | Cleaning Kits

OSUIT’s Physical Plant has developed enhanced protocols for cleaning and disinfecting our facilities. Along with frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces, the placement of hand sanitizer stations, and the installation of protective shields across campus, the custodial staff has equipped each instructional space and office area with a cleaning kit for regular disinfecting. As part of the Cowboy family, we share a responsibility for keeping our community healthy and safe, and so we’re asking for your help and support in this effort.

Watch this video on using the cleaning kit in your workspace or instructional area, featuring Physical Plant Director Mark Pitcher and Custodial Supervisor Misty McKnight.


Classroom Cleaning and Disinfecting

Instructors will work with students to disinfect areas that have been touched or handled by students during the class session. Our custodial staff will provide ongoing support by issuing cleaning products and materials.

The outgoing class will damp-wipe areas touched with a bleach solution and shop towels provided. The incoming class will damp-wipe the areas just disinfected by the outgoing class with water. 

This will allow the bleach solution to dwell for 10 minutes. Custodians will continue to clean classrooms in the evening to include disinfecting doors and phones. Supplies will be monitored, and the bleach solution will be changed out weekly. Shop towels will be changed out and laundered daily.

Additional Sanitization Methods

Misting units have been purchased by the university that will sanitize large areas/spaces using a free chlorine solution. The Physical Plant will work with building administrators to establish a schedule that will ensure all spaces will be completely sanitized within three to four weeks.

Ultraviolet wands have been acquired to allow frequently used computer labs/areas to be rapidly sanitized. These will be issued by the Physical Plant to the persons in charge of Testing, LRC and larger computer labs. Instructors will be taught in the use of these wands.

These practices along with newly implemented procedures are critical to infection prevention. Please make each day count toward keeping the safety of our students and employees a priority for you and those you work with. By sharing these best practices, we can strive to maintain a workspace environment that will serve the students well and provide reassurance for all employees on campus.