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OSU Institute of Technology has compiled a list of resources for online learning for March 23 through the remainder of the spring term. Please review for answers to your questions as well as other important information.

If you still have difficulties finding answers to your questions please call 1-800-722-4471 or email for additional help. 

Online Learning Resources


Most online learning will occur through Canvas, OSUIT’s learning management system. Students may access Canvas by going to the homepage, choosing Academics and choosing Canvas on the left drop-down list.

Students’ faculty will be their main points of contact regarding assignments and other course activities to be completed, communication expectations, etc. Students should contact the pertinent faculty as soon as possible regarding any issues that may arise.

Several Canvas learning management system tutorials are available. Canvas also offers 24/7 student support and may be reached at: 1-833-742-0661.

Campus Computer Labs

Our tech labs in the OSUIT Library and Wilson Commons are available for students! Schedule an appointment and learn more about our support services.

OSUIT Library

The computer lab in the OSUIT library will be open from noon to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, on a call-head basis. Call 918-293-5080 or email Jenny Duncan at to reserve a spot.

Wilson Commons

Call 918-293-4928 to reserve a spot.

Connectivity Resources

Internet providers, such as Cox and AT&T, are offering discounted rates on internet service to accommodate students learning online.  

OneNet has compiled a document for Emergency Broadband and Internet Resources for Oklahomans.

Accessing OSUIT WiFi in Campus Parking Lots

Although access to most buildings on campus are restricted during this time, there are areas on campus that students may still have wireless internet access in the parking lot areas. Below are areas that have been observed as having WiFi access outside of the campus buildings.

  • South side of Grady Clack in first row parking
  • West side of Noble first row parking
  • West side of buildings 412 (Science & Technology) and 460 (ET/IT) first row parking lots
  • In front of Ford (Automotive Technology bldg. 413) building
  • In front of Toyota (Bldg. 519) building
  • Student Union (Bldg. 200) East parking lot
  • East and West sides of building 105 (PD/Res. Life Bldg.)
  • Outside of High Voltage

Eduroam Global WiFi Service

OSUIT has added the Eduroam global WiFi service as an option for connecting to WiFi. This gives students and employees secure and fast internet connectivity at any participating Eduroam campus.  If you are sheltering in place near other Eduroam campuses, you may be able to connect to outdoor wireless if that university provides it, usually at universities with sports teams and outdoor stadiums.

How to Connect
  1. Visit your network settings
  2. From the list of available networks, choose Eduroam.
  3. When prompted, enter your email address and password, then click submit. You must use your full address; short names (without the will not work.
  4. Read and agree to the network acceptable use agreement. Choose to Trust the network.

Who will benefit from using this service?
  • Visiting researchers and/or faculty traveling to or from OSU System campuses for scholarly and collaborative work
  • Students studying abroad or visiting other participating campuses
  • Anyone traveling to another participating organization

Software Downloads

OSUIT students and employees can get free software from Microsoft, including full copies of Office for Windows and Mac, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud. Login to each system with your O-key credentials. 


Library Resources

Tech To-Go

The Tech To-Go program that allows students to check out a variety of tech gadgets and tools including laptops, digital cameras, tablets, headphones, wearable technology, even a 3D printer. Learn more about our Tech To-Go Program at OSU Institute of Technology, and get tips, tricks and instructions for each of the tech gear items we have available for our students. 

Online Catalog

More than the stacks of books, the OSUIT Library offers an online catalog so users can easily browse the collection or search for specific items such as books, journals, research materials and digital media.


Borrow free digital video, music and audiobooks with your library card.

To register, please visit the Apple or Google Play store and download the hoopla digital app, or visit the Hoopla website and select our library from the list.

  • Sign up by creating an account using an email and password of your choice.
  • Next, search for “OSU Institute of Technology” to choose as your library.
  • Enter your Okey short name for the Card Number and current O-Key password for the Pin Number, and click “Next”.

Online Resources

A collection of databases covering OSUIT’s many programs have also been cataloged and verified, making online research more reliable than other Internet search engines.

A selection of electronic books is available to users as well as the list of more than 40 other higher education institutions across the state that participate in OK-Share, a program that allows OSUIT students to borrow materials from other colleges and universities after filling out an application.


Tutoring & Office of Academic Accommodations

Starting March 23 through the end of the spring term, both the Office of Academic Accommodations (OAA) and the LASSO Center will be closed for in-person visits. Should questions arise regarding either of these offices, students and faculty should call 918-293-4855 or email Chad Spurlock at or Rae Ann Warner at


LASSO Center Tutoring

We are committed to making this unusual and unfamiliar situation as trouble-free as possible by continuing to support and promote the success of all OSUIT students. Therefore, LASSO Center tutoring services for all general education classes will be available remotely. 


To Set Up Remote Tutoring


To better serve everyone, we are asking students to initiate the tutoring process by emailing first, using one of the email addresses below. Upon receipt of the email, the tutor will respond to the student via email with a tutoring appointment time and a link to their Zoom or LiveBoard session. Tutors will set up appointments on a first-come, first served basis.


Please refrain from calling for tutoring appointments. For other questions, feel free to call 918-293-4855 or 918-293-4622

Emails and phone calls for tutoring assistance should be initiated during regular business hours 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Visit the LASSO Center page for more information about the LASSO Center.


Office of Academic Accommodations

Chad Spurlock, Beth Rogers and Rae Ann Warner will continue to be available to students receiving academic accommodations and to their instructors.  Students and faculty should email or with any questions or concerns.  We can also be reached by calling 918-293-4855.


Visit the Academic Accommodations page for more information about the OAA.


Free Assistive Technology

The following resources and assistive technologies have been temporarily been made free of charge and accessible for home use during the COVID-19 pandemic.


JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion


  • Freedom Scientific has release special, free, short-term licenses of these three softwares for individuals with a personal email address in Canada or the United States.


  • Quillsoft has an Extended Access Request form for a trial to use for remote work or online learning. Once you fill out the form, they'll email you with your trial information within 24 hrs

Kurzweil 3000

  • Kurzweil education is offering a free subscription for all during COVID-19

Below are a few tips regarding the accessibility features of a few of these technologies, to support  the transition:

Accessibility features of Microsoft Teams

Accessibility features of Zoom

Counseling Services


In the interest of public health, and out of concern for the well-being of our campus community, all university counseling services have transitioned to virtual sessions to comply with OSU Institute of Technology’s social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19.
To schedule an appointment call 918-293-4988 or email


Health & Wellness

Home Workouts and eSports

If you are you looking for ways to stay active while at home, Student Life has an Online Health and Wellness page with home workouts, running programs, tips on nutrition and even an upcoming eSports tournament. 

Tips from OSU for Coping with Coronavirus Challenges

The new normal of social distancing and shelter-in-place is challenging for all of us, creating stress and anxiety as we face an uncertain future and timeline. Worries about our health, our finances and our loved ones seem to increase almost daily. Dr. Thad Leffingwell, a clinical health psychologist and head of Oklahoma State University’s Department of Psychology, offers the following tips for effective coping:

  1. Structure your day as much as possible. Unstructured days and loss of routines are fun for vacations, but they can add to the stress of our current situation. Schedule activities. Focus on things that bring you joy or give you a sense of mastery and accomplishment.
  2. Take care of your body and mind. Our current social distancing and self-quarantines can break our self-care habits, and stress eating can draw us to less healthy food options. Be as active as possible, and choose healthy eating options. Move often. This will be good for your mood and overall health and will help your immune system be most effective.
  3. Limit news and social media intake to avoid information overload. While it is reasonable and responsible to stay informed, it isn’t necessary to be plugged in all the time. Take breaks.
  4. Stay in the present. It is a wonderful skill of our minds to predict and plan, but sometimes that can be a trap. Use mindfulness techniques to practice returning to the here and now of this moment.
  5. Be patient. Remind yourself that the current situation, while stressful and challenging, is only temporary. The one consistent thing in life is change, and life will return to normal.
  6. Be grateful. Even in the midst of stress and challenge, gratitude is a powerful psychological antidote. Take time to count your blessings, even now, and you will find that it reduces stress and prepares you to cope with today’s challenges.