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OSU Institute of Technology is providing recommendations on tools and settings to work from home. For the best experience you should setup and test your system before solely relying on it. 

Even when working remotely, consider OSU's Appropriate Use policy as well as state and federal laws like FERPA and HIPAA.

Most of the applications used by faculty and staff can be accessed from off-campus by clicking links found in the OSU Portal,

Many applications may require Duo Two-factor authentication, to ensure the security of the campus network and data.  If you have questions, please call the service desk at 918-293-4700 M-F 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Telework Preparation Checklist

Look through this list of common tasks. Your needs may differ depending on the nature of your work.

  1. Print and post the telecommuting door sign if your office or department is telecommuting.
  2. Enable Remote Desktop on your work computer.
  3. Confirm that your department and other frequent contacts have your personal contact information.
  4. Gather information on Group Drives.
  5. Email yourself a copy of important links and bookmarks used for work.
  6. Forward your office phone.
    1. To forward an analog office or older digital phone, press *22 followed by the number you want to forward to.
    2. To cancel forwarding, press #22. 
    3. To forward from a recently provisioned IP phone, push the call forward button and enter the number you want to forward to.
  7. Access your voicemail
    1. To check voicemail from another phone, whether on or off campus, dial 918-293-4699 and follow the instruction prompts.
  8. Ensure your home computer is up-to-date and working properly. Some steps include:Enable antivirus software. (Windows 10 comes with one automatically.)
  9. Check for and apply any software updates.
  10. Install Office 365 which includes tools like Word, Excel and Outlook.
  11. Test connecting to your work computer using Remote Desktop.

Need Help?

Contact the the OSUIT Technology Service Desk

Phone: 918-293-4700


Submit a ticket for non-emergency request


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