Alumni Hall of Fame inductees praise alma mater

Alumni Hall of Fame inductees praise alma mater

The 2018 OSUIT Alumni Hall of Fame inductees from left Andrew Cook, Scott Graham, Abby Hogle, Jon Minson, Parker Minor and Brady Anderson.

For the fifth consecutive year, a select group of OSU Institute of Technology graduates were invited back to their alma mater to look back on where their careers began and be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame.

Six alumni were honored Saturday, June 16, at the Alumni Homecoming and Hall of Fame Reception, thanking family, friends, instructors and mentors.

Three individuals were added as Distinguished Alumni, those who are established in their professions and whose career accomplishments have been outstanding, and three were added as Rising Stars, those alumni who have demonstrated significant or outstanding accomplishments within their first 10 years of graduation.

“In your own words you described OSUIT better than I ever could. It’s heartwarming to hear your comments,” said President Bill R. Path during the reception. “You’ve seen firsthand what OSUIT can mean to someone’s future.”

Rising Stars

Andrew Cook, KAMO Power

’15 School of Engineering Technologies

“I’m very honored to be here today and the opportunity to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Thanks to OSUIT and the faculty for putting in the effort and time with me. It’s a very special institution.”

Abby Hogle, web designer for Life.Church

’16 School of Visual Communications

“The hands-on learning meant I was able to learn quickly and get a better grasp on what it’s like in the real world. I was able to achieve my goal of graduating debt free. It doesn’t have to be an expensive education to be an excellent one.”

Parker Minor, backup lead at Green Country Energy power plant

’13 School of Energy Technologies

“I came to OSUIT not knowing what I was getting into. After enrolling and starting classes it just felt right. My degree from OSUIT, it’s more than a piece of paper, it’s so much more to me.”

Distinguished Alumni

Brady Anderson, western service director for GE Oil & Gas

’91, School of Diesel & Heavy Equipment

“OSUIT offers portfolios unequal to other schools. OSUIT continues to adapt to market conditions. It’s certainly an honor to be nominated for this award.”

Scott Graham, project engineer for the University of Tulsa’s Petroleum Engineering Department.

’84, School of Engineering Technologies

“OSUIT has had a significant influence on my life. I’ll always cherish the memories and friends I made while I was here. Nobody does technical education like OSUIT. I believe OSUIT does higher education the right way.”

Jon Minson, executive vice president and creative director for Ackerman McQueen advertising agency

’79, School of Visual Communications

“After graduating high school, the last thing I wanted to do was go to college. My parents and brother pushed me to go. I chose the correct college for me. It’s the most bang for your buck. Two years is better than four.”