Library offering free digital service hoopla to students, faculty and staff

Library offering free digital service hoopla to students, faculty and staff

A staff memebr browses through the hoopla app.

The OSU Institute of Technology Library is now offering a new digital platform— known as hoopla— to students, faculty and staff.

The new service allows users to download or stream movies, ebooks, audiobooks, television shows, comics and music via desktops or smartphones, smart TVs and streaming devices using the hoopla app.

Kristin Pickett, emerging technologies and instruction librarian, said there’s such a huge variety of content on hoopla that everyone should be able to find something that interests them.

“We are always trying to find new ways to serve our patrons better, and hoopla definitely helps with this,” Pickett said. “Not only were we able to increase our available collection, we are now able to reach our patrons through a different medium.”

Smartphones and other devices have become so common she said she wanted something that patrons could access using their phones.

Students and employees can access the service by going to and clicking on the Get Started button or they can download the hoopla app on their phone or device. They create a username, password and choose OSU Institute of Technology as their library, then enter their O-key information.

Hoopla is free for any student, instructor or staff member and users can download up to five titles a month. It’s a service library users have been requesting for awhile, Pickett said.

“OSUIT is so unique as a school since we are rather rural and have so many commuters. We have many requests for more audiobooks for the drive, and students are always looking for entertainment,” she said. “Hoopla allows us to meet their needs in a very practical way.”

The digital service is just the latest way the OSUIT Library continues to evolve to meet customer needs and expectations.

“We like to think that libraries are here for the long haul. Libraries are portals to the rest of the world. We serve our patrons in information-gathering whether that be through books, the internet, media or however else a patron needs or wants to access the world,” Pickett said. “As demands and needs change, libraries evolve to meet that need, such as with hoopla digital. Libraries like ours will continue to grow and provide for the information needs of our patrons in new and exciting ways.”