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Inside OSUIT: Competitive

Inside OSUIT: Competitive

Inside OSUIT: Competitive

Over 300 career-ready students will walk across the stage this Friday, August 23, to become competitive members of a world-class workforce and contributing members of society. These students will graduate Friday and go to work Monday.

The summer graduation ceremony at OSUIT is especially noteworthy because it typically includes the largest concentration of industry-sponsored students. At OSUIT, workforce development is in our DNA, which is reflected in our 92% job placement of graduates. The placement rate of summer graduates, however, is much higher due to all the sponsored students who have already completed an internship and have been offered jobs by their industry sponsors. This is a unique aspect to the campus that gives our graduates a real competitive edge in the job market. 

Occasionally, I ask this group of graduates to stand if they have a job waiting for them, and nearly all of them will rise to their feet. Here's a video of that moment from a few years ago, captured by OState-TV while they were live streaming our ceremony. It's one of the most memorable moments here at OSUIT and something you would not expect at many other college graduation ceremonies. 

The commencement speaker for our summer graduation is from one of our newest industry sponsors—Keith O’Rear, a Weyerhaeuser executive. Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands and producer of wood products, and like many of our other sponsors, provides students with an opportunity to earn their college degree while gaining real-world experience and guarantees full-time employment upon graduation.

OSUIT graduates are truly exceptional. Of the 308 students that will graduate during the summer commencement, 66 percent will graduate with academic honors. But, I’m proud of each and every one of our highly-accomplished graduates, because they are prepared for their life’s work and brimming with potential. From day one, they are ready to compete in the workforce and to begin contributing to the economy.

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