Inside OSUIT: Valuing Jobs

Inside OSUIT: Valuing Jobs

Dr. Bill R. Path
Inside OSUIT: Valuing Jobs

Since 1946, OSU Institute of Technology has been providing top-notch technical education for the state of Oklahoma and beyond. OSUIT has trained over 40,000 technicians and continues to set the standard for applied technical education, industry partnerships, workforce development and job placement.

A growing number of employers across the country are seeking to fill “middle-skill” job vacancies. These are jobs that require education and technical training beyond high school, but less than a bachelor’s degree, and this category currently represents the area of highest demand in the U.S. workforce.

At OSUIT, we have a proven track record for successfully pairing up students who are learning marketable skills with corporate employers who are eager to hire well-trained personnel. In many disciplines, we offer hands-on education in advanced and emerging technologies that is designed to supply the middle-skill job needs of our 700 plus industry partners.

In addition to transformative change on campus, we are launching new academic programs and improving existing ones to better align with workforce needs and trends. Through innovation in technology, teaching and learning and student support services, OSUIT is transforming the academic experience for learners of all ages.

OSUIT provides world-class career and technical education and work skills preparation year-round. OSUIT is convenient and affordable, but more importantly, it gets impressive results. Our graduates get jobs! They use their training to support themselves and their families. With their education, our graduates overcome the social and economic challenges in their lives and break the cycle of poverty. Education is the “great equalizer” and OSUIT has exactly the kind of educational opportunities that can help students aspire to more in life.  

While OSUIT’s positive impact on the workforce and the economy is undeniable, the need for a globally competitive, highly-skilled workforce continues to grow. New and exciting jobs are being created in a variety of industries, including energy, engineering technology, culinary arts, information technology, and healthcare. Employers communicate a growing difficulty in managing under skilled and under prepared employees, increasingly complex technology and equipment, growing energy costs, and increasing pace of change in the competitive landscape. These employers consistently turn to OSUIT to meet their complex workforce needs—and OSUIT exceeds their expectations time and again.

Whenever you hear someone try to describe OSUIT, it is difficult for them to do so without using the word “unique.” We actually take this as a compliment, because we are proud of our reputation as a trend-setting institution of higher education. Some people have even referred to us as “the University of Jobs.” It’s a fitting description due to the fact that we have a 92 percent job placement rate for all AAS and BT graduates. Yes, we are a unique institution of higher education with a singular focus. How we measure our success as an institution is in the workforce placement of our graduates, and the outcome we remain focused on is jobs.

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