Okmulgee’s Educational Resources Abound

Okmulgee’s Educational Resources Abound

Dr. Bill Path

It’s nearly unprecedented in a town of this size, but a student can go from preschool all the way through a college bachelor degree and never have to leave town. Okmulgee has both public and charter schools, a career technology center, a tribal college, and a branch of a state university. There are no limits when it comes to an education in this town. A student can use their education in Okmulgee to launch a successful career or to pursue a degree from any university or graduate school of their choosing. They can use their local education to stay close to home or to travel the world. Without a doubt, Okmulgee, Oklahoma is a great place to be a student.

Q: Why should a young family choose to raise their kids in Okmulgee when there are so many better options?

A: I will agree there are other options, but I would not say there are better options. Any honest examination of the excellent educational opportunities available here combined with the friendly, hometown atmosphere that Okmulgee offers in abundance, should be enough to persuade anyone that Okmulgee is a terrific place to live and raise a family.

Okmulgee is filled with tremendous role models for kids. There are so many ways for our children to get connected with positive influences within this community: extracurricular activities at school (student clubs, teams, and squads), youth sports leagues, scouting, YMCA activities, and church youth programs. I have personally met many of the teachers, coaches, leaders, and youth directors who work with our area youth, and they are a highly skilled and dedicated group of adults who would do anything to improve the lives of our children.

Furthermore, this town is beautifully endowed with cultural diversity, and that can enrich any child’s sense of acceptance and belonging. There’s no better way for a child to learn about sensitivity and inclusion than for that child to grow up with friends and classmates from different cultural backgrounds. 

Q: What can I do to help my child take full advantage of their education?

A: I’ve never met a parent who didn’t want the very best for their child. Most parents recognize a good education can benefit their children and change victims into victors—and that’s a powerful thing. But some parents honestly don’t know what they can do to encourage their child’s education.

Parents need to express an interest in their children’s schooling. Ask their children questions about what they are learning in school, get to know the names of their teachers and friends, inquire about homework assignments, and place expectations for success with positive reinforcements. Parents need to partner with the schools to help their children focus on their abilities rather than their limitations.

The outstanding schools in Okmulgee are filled with wonderful teachers, but even the very best teachers in the world can only do so much to counter other influences in a child’s development. Children also deserve a supportive home environment, because parents and other family members are the strongest role models of all.

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