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OSUIT Launches Campaign Celebrating Skilled Workforce

OSUIT Launches Campaign Celebrating Skilled Workforce

Dr. Bill R. Path

For decades, this nation has glamorized white collar jobs while demeaning blue collar jobs. Our most trusted educators and counselors have taught generations of young people that it’s far better to work with your head rather than with your hands and have driven a countless number of high school graduates into theoretical majors in college and away from applied majors. This form of “guidance” has been well-intentioned, but it has also severely weakened our nation’s skilled labor force. It should not be a question of one or the other; we need both. As the technology of our nation’s leading industries continues to advance, we need more skilled workers who are able to work with both their head and their hands—not one or the other.

This month, OSUIT is launching a new marketing campaign to build brand recognition among prospective students and to attract them in larger numbers to our technical programs on our campus in Okmulgee. It is being designed to enhance the institution’s overall image by promoting quality education and our use of emerging technologies in our classrooms and labs. Beyond the merits of our institution, we want this campaign to tell the story of how skilled labor drives the US workforce and how a person who possesses the right technical skills will always be in high demand. We want it to demonstrate the dignity of hard work and promote the sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.

The campaign has been titled "Be True to You at OSUIT." Its target audience is young men and women with a desire to work—who aren’t afraid of showing up early and staying late until the job is done. We are looking for candidates who are ready to dedicate their lives to their craft and eager to learn the skill sets of their chosen industry. The campaign will feature various majors offered on our campus and demonstrate how OSUIT graduates are key players in the modern workforce and essential to the functioning of society. With powerful statements and compelling images, it will make the case that the right education from the right college can turn your potential into power and your hard work into a fulfilling career.

OSUIT is the recognized leader in applied technology education and well-known for its world-class teaching facilities, partnerships with industry, and for producing graduates who are hired directly into the workforce. OSUIT graduates are the ones they call when the conditions are difficult and the job has to be done right. They are in a class by themselves, with an elite set of skills that make them invaluable to most employers. This is the important story of dedicated learning and hard work. It needs to be told boldly and with no equivocation or apology. Technical education is not a second choice; it’s an essential choice. And nowhere is it done better than right here at OSUIT.