Visionary Talk Radio - Interview with Dr. Path | Office of the President | OSUIT

Visionary Talk Radio - Interview with Dr. Path

Visionary Talk Radio - Interview with Dr. Path

OSU Institute of Technology President Bill R. Path recently sat down with Visionary Talk Radio host Michael Mathews.

In this frank and enlightening hour-long conversation, Mathews and Dr. Path discussed the condition of higher education in the country, the challenges of today’s college students and how OSUIT’s unique mission and model may be the answer to the future of higher education. See some of the highlights from the show.

Dr. Path spoke about OSUIT’s unique model of outcome-based curriculum and close partnerships with industry, as well as the institution’s unprecedented job placement rate and dedication to workforce development.

Filling the Skills Gap

In its “Bridging the Skills Gap” series, the Tulsa World examines the state’s workforce challenges along with some of the innovative solutions provided by both industry and higher education.

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Huffington Post

Dr. Path has been a regular contributor to The Huffington Post with topics in higher education, workforce training and the skills gap.

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Key quotes from the show:

“We’re not simply training students to enter the workforce; we are identifying students with specific skills, with specific employers, with specific outcomes so that when a student graduates from OSUIT they will know exactly who their employer is going to be in many cases.”


“There have been some occasions even at graduation I’ve been brave enough to stand up in front of a group of graduating seniors in cap and gown and ask the question 'all of those that have a job waiting for you at graduation will you please stand?' and to my pleasure see almost the entire graduating class stand up. As you can imagine, moms and dads in the audience erupting into applause to see that, because that’s truly in my opinion what higher education should be about.“


“It should be about employability and that’s what we do on our campus. Every day of the week, we live and breathe workforce development in our classes, in our labs, in our offices from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed at night we’re trying to figure out how do we better connect our students with the jobs that are available out there.”


“We are dedicated to filling the skills gap one highly skilled graduate at a time.”

Watch the full Interview with transcript

Originally broadcast by Visionary Talk Radio for Higher Education on July 18, 2014.
See the full video and transcript for the interview with Dr. Path.