ATL Plan of Study

Courses taken for degree must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher. The minimum overall (cumulative) GPA required for graduation is a 2.50.

At least 15 of the final 30 credit hours applied toward the degree must be satisfactorily completed through OSUIT. A minimum of 30 hours of resident credit applied toward the BT shall be taken through OSUIT. A minimum of 60 hrs must be taken from a baccalaureate-degree granting institution, 40 hours of which must be upper-division (excluding physical education courses).

Applied Technical Leadership Plan of Study
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Lower-division Program Requirements (36 credit hours)

Technical Specialty Electives (30 credit hours)

College-level coursework selected from the student's field of interest.

Applied Technical Leadership (6 credit hours)

ATLE 1113 Foundations in Technical Leadership
ATLE 1213 Funding the Technical Enterprise

Upper-division Program Requirements (40 credit hours)

Applied Technical Leadership (34 credit hours)

ATLE 3101 Orientation to Project Design
ATLE 3213 Managing Resources in the Technical Enterprise
ATLE 3233 Applied Topics in Technical Resource Management
ATLE 3413 Managing Operations in the Technical Enterprise
ATLE 3433 Applied Topics in Technical Operations Management
ATLE 3613 Leading the Technical Enterprise
ATLE 3633 Applied Topics in Technical Leadership
ATLE 4113 Legal Aspects of Technical Leadership
ATLE 4133 Applied Legal Topics in Technical Leadership
ATLE 4313 Expanding the Technical Enterprise
ATLE 4333 Applied Topics in Technical Enterprise Expansion
ATLE 4903 Applied Technical Leaderships Capstone

Upper-division Program Electives (6 credit hours)

Applied Technical Leadership (6 credit hours)

ATLE 4513 and
ATLE 4533
Process Optimization in the Technical Enterprise and
Applied Topics in Technical Process Optimization
ATLE 4613 and
ATLE 4633
Project Planning & Implementation in the Technical Enterprise and
Applied Topics in Technical Project Planning & Implementation

General Education Requirements (40 credit hours)

American History & Government (6 credit hours)

HIST 1483 or
HIST 1493
US History to 1865 or
US History Since 1865
POLS 1113 US Government

English & Language Arts (9 credit hours)

ENGL 1113 or
ENGL 1033
Freshman Composition I or
Technical Writing I
ENGL 1213 or
ENGL 2033
Freshman Composition II or
Technical Writing II
SPCH 1113 or
SPCH 2313
Introduction to Speech Communications or
Small Group Communications

Humanities (6 credit hours)

PHIL 1213 Ethics
  Humanities Elective* (3 credit hours)

Mathematics & Statistics (6 credit hours)

Science (7 credit hours)

At least one (1) course selected must be a lab science.

Social & Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)

BADM 1113 Introduction to Business

Upper-division General Education Elective (3 credit hours)

Course may be selected from any 3000- or 4000-level general education coursework not utilized to fill any of the above requirements.

Interdepartmental Requirements (4 credit hours)

Computer Literacy (3 credit hours)

CS 1013 or
CS 2103
Computer Literacy & Applications or
Computer Concepts & Applications for Business

Orientation (1 credit hour)

ORIE 1011 College Strategies

*Humanities courses are any HUM course; ENGL 2773 Survey of American Literature I; ENGL 2883 Survey of American Literature II; GEOG 2243 Fund. of Geography; HIST 1613 Western Civilization to 1500; HIST 1623 Western Civilization after 1500.