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At OSU Institute of Technology, academics means hands-on, applied learning. With more than 30 unique degree programs, OSUIT is a place where students can follow their passions and work towards their career goals. That’s why we always encourage you to Be True to You — because here, you can do what you love to do.

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Paid internships while you earn your degree
Hands-On Learning
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Our Programs

All of our academic programs are designed to prepare you for a job - setting you up to BE THE ONE THEY CALL.


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Experience Student Life in Cowboy Country

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With over 20 student extracurricular groups, OSUIT will provide you with plenty of ways to get involved, make friends and enjoy your time in college. Along with social clubs, OSUIT has professional associations that help you network with leaders who hire from your degree program—giving you a head start!

When you apply to OSUIT, you become a Cowboy—a title to wear with honor!

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We hope you’re ready to Be True to You at OSUIT—we’d love to have you at our school! Spring 2024 applications open on October 16, with no deadline to apply. It’s quick and easy to fill out, with no fees, essay questions or test scores required!

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Why Choose OSU Institute of Technology

Earn a Paycheck While Earning a Degree
The majority of degree programs require an internship as part of the curriculum. You won’t just gain experience and knowledge while on internship, but will be paid for your time working there as well.

Have a Job Before Graduation
With a sponsorship from a company, you know exactly where you’ll be working the Monday after you walk across the graduation stage.

Learn from the Experts
Our instructors have extensive real-world experience and teach current best practices based on industry standards.

Save Big on Tuition
Tuition at OSUIT is about half the in-state tuition for most state universities.

High Graduate Satisfaction
In surveys and social media, our graduates consistently report high levels of satisfaction with their education and its impact on their careers.

Financial Aid Options
Student financial aid awards depend upon two factors: financial need and availability of funds. To determine need, applicant financial circumstances are evaluated. Various federal and state-funded financial aid programs are available to students enrolled in a degree program at OSUIT.