About the Assessment Center

Contact Information

Phone: 918-293-5248

Email: osuit-assessment-center@okstate.edu


Rendi Glass - Assessment Center Director

Teresa Long - Administrative Support Specialist

OSU Institute of Technology’s Assessment Center offers Career Assessments to help make an informed career choice and set appropriate educational goals.  The Assessment Center has been certified through NCTA. We strive to uphold the standards and guidelines set forth to meet the criteria to be identified as an NCTA Certified Testing Center.

All assessments are personalized and confidential. You will be guided through the experience by professionals in a friendly, helpful environment. We are here to help Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Assessment Center Testing Overview Video

OSUIT Assessment Center Mission Statement, Guidelines, and Exams Offered

Mission Statement

To provide a comprehensive and professional testing environment to the campus and the community, the Testing Center is committed to maintaining compliance and adhering to the guidelines set forth by the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines and strives to maintain the confidentiality of student records. 

General Guidelines

  • Valid photo identification and a face mask is required to begin an exam.
  • Cell phone, pagers or other electronic devices must be turned off. (No earbuds or headsets allowed. Exception – ESL Testing)
  • Examinees cannot leave the testing room during an exam unless allowed by exam; example – GED allows break between exams.
  • Notes, books, or other aids may not be used unless specified by the instructor/exam.
  • No food or beverages allowed inside the testing room.
  • No children are permitted in the testing room or allowed to wait outside the room or in the hall unattended.
  • All personal items must be left in vehicles, including cell phones; No lockers will be provided at this time due to COVID. Testers may bring in ID, keys, and face mask only. Signs are posted on the North and South Entrances. 


  • The ACT is no longer requiring the ACT for Admissions purposes; students who still want to take the ACT can still schedule with the testing center @ osuit-assessment-center@okstate.edu
  • Only students attending OSUIT or schools within the OSU system are allowed to take the  ACT On-Campus (formerly called Residual) on this campus.
  • Test is given AS NEEDED. Call or email the Testing Center for specific dates and/or accommodations.
  • Seating is limited; student should call or email to be scheduled for a specific test date.

ACCUPLACER® Placement Test - OSUIT (Ask us about Online Testing)

  • ACCUPLACER® is given on a walk-in basis; No appointment is necessary.
  • Retest fee of $5.00, effective August 1, 2015.
  • Students may not retest on a subject the same day.
  • Students may schedule to test at a remote location.  Call the testing center to make arrangements.  Test fee is determined by the remote site.
  • ACCUPLACER® testing hours – 8:00 am – 1:30 pm (please arrive before 1:30 to see Admissions and get a testing form)
  • Online testing (ZOOM) may be an option, please contact us for more information; please email to for more information at OSUIT-Assessment-Center@okstate.edu

ACCUPLACER® Remote Test – OSUIT as a remote site

  • $35 remote test fee will apply to:
    • Students who are registered through another University.
    • Students who call or walk-in and ask to test for another University.
    • Students who test for OSUIT, then request scores be sent elsewhere.
  • Student will provide:
    • Name of University or other location and contact person
    • FAX Number or email address
    • Full Address, if scores are to be mailed

Advanced Standing Credit

  • Advanced Standing Credit must be achieved through an OSU testing center.
  • Available test for Advanced Standing Credit include:
    • Business Math
    • Computer Literacy

Student may attempt testing one (1) time for Advanced Standing Credit.

Scheduled Exams

  • ACT – Limited seating, students must call or email to register for a date - $60
  • CLEP – Scheduled on an as need bases/must register online at www.collegeboard.org/clep - $93 to CLEP -$35 Admin Fee
  • GED – Student must register online at www.ged.com to schedule an exam - $34 each or $136 (To receive scores from GED please contact Parchment; the Assessment Center DOES NOT have access to scores)
  • Proctored Exams for other Universities - $35 per exam
  • Pearson Vue - Must schedule through website. Prices Vary
  • Castle, Worldwide - Must schedule through website.
  • Oklahoma Dental Foundation - Radiation Safety Course $35 

Online Exams/D2L

  • Examinees cannot leave the testing room during an exam unless specified by the instructor, in writing.
  • Only authorized materials are allowed while testing.
  • Students arriving late for an exam will be asked to sign a Late Arrival Verification form acknowledging they are aware of the lack of time. 
  • Cheating of any kind will be reported to the appropriate instructor.

Proctor Services

  • Proctor services are available to individuals attending other universities.
  • A proctor agreement form is required.
  • Administration Fee - $35 per exam, OSUIT students/employees excluded.
  • Schedule appointment for exam.
  • Examinee should call 918-293-5248 the day before to verify the exam is available.
  • Examinees cannot leave the testing room during an exam unless specified by the instructor, in writing.

Career Services

  • TypeFocus-   TypeFocus is a career assessment tool that allows you to explore potential career paths based on your personality type, interest and values.  To schedule an appointment, call 918-293-5248.
  • Resume Development-   If you are needing to build a resume or just final edits on your existing one, meet with our career services advisor for career centered advisement.
  • Mock Interviewing-   OSUIT offers a wide array of interview skill building tools. The Assessment and Career Services center hosts mock interviews, please call for more information.
  • Career Fair Preparation-   From company research to dress attire, OSUIT's Career Services department will help you get your career fair game plan in place.

For information on these resources and more career building workshops that OSUIT provides, call 918-293-5248.