Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology welcomes a variety of students of all ages to our campus; many students bring a depth of knowledge to specific subjects.  We recognize and honor such knowledge by providing a full range of CLEP Examinations.

The CLEP Program

CLEP is a series of examinations that allow individuals to earn college credit for what they know, regardless of where they learned it.  CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States.

The CLEP Exams

CLEP exams are administered on computer.  They are 90 minutes long and consist mainly of multiple-choice questions.  Some of the exams have optional essays.  Candidates should check with the individual college or university where they are sending their scores to see whether an optional essay is required.  These essays are administered on paper and are scored by faculty at the institution that receives the candidate’s score.

OSU Institute of Technology CLEP Policy

OSU Institute of Technology applies the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendation that the minimum score for awarding credit be a score of 50, which is equivalent to a “mean” C.  If an acceptable score is attained on the CLEP examination, OSU Institute of Technology grants full degree credit for the examinations as indicated on the reverse side of this sheet.  CLEP credit will be considered for transfer students on a case-by-case basis.

Where to Take CLEP Exams

The CLEP exams are administered throughout the year at 1,300 test centers in the United States and selected sites outside the U.S.  For

more information or to schedule an appointment contact OSU Institute of Technology's Assessment Center at 918-293-5254 or 918-293-5248.

CLEP Exam Fee

The cost of a CLEP exam is $93 plus $35 administration fee ($128).  Preferred method of payment for CLEP Fee is by Credit Card (VISA, Master Card, Amex, or DISCOVER).  Registration will be on the Clep website along with payment options.  The candidate must bring the registration number to the Assessment Center with all applicable documents.  The $35 fee is payable to Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology.  This fee may be paid by cash or check at the Bursars Office.

Preparing for CLEP Exams

The CLEP Official Study Guide – 20th Edition is the only CLEP study guide with sample questions for all 34 exams.  It contains descriptions of the exams, 50 sample questions and answers for each exam, test-taking tips, and more.  You may order through the CLEP web site at

  • The Official Study Guide-23rd Edition- $24.99
  •  Individual subject study guides (same content as the CLEP Official Study Guide, but only one subject in each packet) -   $10

Your CLEP Scores

You will receive a copy (unofficial) of your scores upon completion of the examination. You will also receive a copy of your CLEP score, directly from CLEP, approximately two weeks following the examination.  (Allow six weeks for English Composition with Essay.)

 For more information about the CLEP test, please call us at 918-293-5248.