High School Equivalency Test

High School Equivalency Test


How much is the test?
There are four parts of the GED.  Each portion is $34 for a total of $136.  It is possible to pay as you go when you register and just take one part of the test each time.
I heard they changed the test.  Is it a lot harder than it was before?
Kind of.  There is a new format for the test.  It will look much different from the old test.  That does not mean harder.  For some students, the test will be better because you can take one part at a time and there is no essay.  You do not have to complete all four sections in one day if you don't want to.  
***If you register for all four tests in one day the test DOES NOT schedule a lunch break, there are vending machines located at the front of the Grady Clack Building or we have lockers available for you to bring snacks.  NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the testing room.***
For some students the test will be harder - the reading materials will be more complicated and some answers will be completed by explaining with a paragraph.  The stricter standards that are applying for high school are also being put into the GED.
I took part of the test before, can I still use my scores from the last test?
It depends.  If you took the test before January 2014 then no, because the makers of the GED Test changed the format of the test and the old scores do not match up.  Students will need to take whole test over with the new format.  If you have taken a test since January 2014 then yes, you can still use your scores.
Can I take the test online?
No.  There is nowhere online anyone can take the GED.  You can register to take the test online, but all the tests have to be taken at Certified Testing Locations.
I hate computers.  Can I just take the test with paper and pencil?
No.  All tests have to be taken on the computers in the testing center.  Lessons to help with computers and typing are available from the ABE classes on campus.
I had special accommodations when I was in school.  Can I get extra help with the test?
Yes.  All requests are handled through the testing company, PearsonVue.  It may be possible to get larger letters, an audio version, or extra time for those with disabilities.  There will not be an option for the test to be read to someone by another person.  To request accommodations, contact PearsonVue here.
How do I sign up for the test?
Online.  All students must register for the test online.  To set up a profile, click here.

Adult Basic Education Classes

GED Preparation FAQs

When/where are the classes?
Classes are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings at 8:30 until noon in the Workforce Oklahoma Building at OSUIT in Okmulgee.  Students do not have to attend for the entire class period.
Is there a cost to take the classes?
Yes.  There is a one time fee of $15, which must be paid BEFORE enrollment.  If another organization is taking care of the charges, please discuss the arrangement with the teacher BEFORE enrollment.  All payments must be made at the BURSAR counter in the Grady Clack Center located just north of the Workforce Building on the OSUIT campus.
Do I have to come to class everyday?
No.  However, we ask that students attend on a regular basis.  75% attendance is strongly encouraged.  We have found out in all our classes, the students who take classes seriously and attend regularly are the ones who pass the test.
How old can I be to come to class?
Most students are older than 18.  There is no student that is too old to attend class.  Additional paperwork must be filled out for 16 and 17 year olds to enroll in classes.  This paperwork must be completed and also turned in to the Assessment Center located in the Grady Clack Building.
I can't make it to class. Do you have an online class?
No, unfortunately an online class is not an option at this time.
Do I have to take the classes to take the test?
No.  Anyone 18 or older can sign up and take the test without any classes.  Students 16 or 17 years old will need to get permission from a legal guardian and their local school district before taking the test.
For other questions about GED classes, contact Fran Columbine at 918.756.5791.
For other questions about registering for the test, contact Rendi Glass at 918.293.5254 or 5248.