Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Current Process

In efforts to assist our students in meeting financial obligations, OSU Institute of Technology offers a semester-based payment plan option as an alternative to the traditional lump-sum payment method. This plan provides an opportunity for families and students to pay university-billed expenses in regular monthly payments. No finance charges are associated with the payment option plan or enrollment holds if payments are made as promised.

October 10 is the deadline to enroll in the Fall plan, February 10 is the deadline to enroll for the Spring plan, and June 10 is the deadline to enroll for the Summer plan.

Authorized payers (parents) may be designated with their own login access when the student signs up for the plan.

Please remember you still receive monthly billing statement email notifications while on the Payment Plan for informational purposes. There is a $20 non-refundable application fee due at the time of application each semester.

The student logs into Banner to enroll in the plan and may also authorize payers. Log in to Touchnet with the authorized user/designated payer access.

Payment Plan Walk-through
Download this step by step guide to setting up a payment plan in the Banner Student Self Service portal.
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Effective Spring 2020

We are excited to announce a new benefit for students rolling out in Spring 2020. Students will now be automatically enrolled in a payment plan to better help manage their payments over the semester they are attending. With the launch of this new benefit, we will no longer charge the setup fee as we have in years past.

Going forward, if you have a balance due after the twentieth of the first month of school (see table below), your balance will be split into equal payments for the remainder of the semester and due on the tenth of the next 3 months. Financial aid added to the account after the payment plan is set up will disperse evenly over the payments remaining and lower your monthly balance due.

Note: If you pay your balance in full before the 20 of the month, nothing is required of you and you will not be put into a plan.

Semester Deadline to Pay or Setup Payment Plan Due Dates


January 20

February 10, March 10, and April 10


May 20

June 10, July 10, and August 10


September 20

October 10, November 10, and December 10

The payment plan will provide peace of mind knowing that you will not have to manually set up the payment plan and will save money since students no longer have to pay the setup fee nor do they get charged finance charges when on a payment plan and making payments on time. Late charges of 1.5 percent of the missed payment(s) will be added to students who do not pay by the fifteenth of each month.

Payment plans will be accessible by students to set up themselves if they want the option to pay biweekly, split over four months vs the three months, or to set up automatic payments. Please visit your O-Key account to see your options. You only have availability to mange this yourself the first month of school so do not delay if you want to utilize this option.

Frequently Asked Questions


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