OSUIT Ranked in Top 10 Best Colleges for Veterans

OSUIT Ranked in Top 10 Best Colleges for Veterans

OSUIT Ranked in Top 10 Best Colleges for Veterans

OSU Institute of Technology has been ranked as one of the best colleges for veterans to attend in Military Times’ newest "Best for Vets: Colleges" rankings.

OSUIT was ranked No. 7 out of 19 in the Career and Technical Colleges category in the 2020 rankings.

The rankings recognize schools for their commitment to educating and providing opportunities to America's veterans, service members and families.

“OSUIT is committed to providing the best possible services and programs to the veterans and their dependents,” said Dr. Bill R. Path, OSUIT president. “As a campus founded on veteran technical education, OSUIT is proud to have received this recognition.” 

The campus has a rich military history. Prior to becoming OSUIT, the property was owned by the U.S. Army and was the site of the Glennan Military Hospital for U.S. servicemen who had become wounded during World War II. In 1946, Oklahoma A&M, now Oklahoma State University, purchased the property for $1 to open a vocational school for returning veterans so they could learn a skilled trade and reenter the workforce.

Although this isn’t the first time OSUIT has ranked on the Best for Vets list, this is the highest ranking to date.

According to Military Times, OSUIT also holds the highest military graduation rate of 75 percent and the highest military retention rate of 97 percent among all career and technical colleges ranked.

“Not only can our current students be proud that they attend a school that cares for them, but it also means more people will see our school as an avenue they want to pursue because it is so good for veterans,” said Sommer Farrimond, Veteran Services coordinator.

Farrimond said that there are many reasons a veteran chooses to attend OSUIT but two stand out to her specifically; the way the classes are taught and the smaller class sizes.

“There is a reason they say that people ‘served’ in the military,” said Farrimond. “Regardless of why they joined, they chose to be in a position where they had to work hard both physically and mentally, with a low salary, and could at any moment be put into a situation that could cost them their lives. I believe that deserves the utmost respect and the best service possible in return and that is what I strive to have OSUIT achieve.” 

Farrimond says she does anything and everything she can to help support veteran students, even those within the community. 

“We offer a veterans lounge, located in the Student Union on campus, as well as resources specifically for veterans,” she said. “I tell every student who has graduated that they can still call me for help or resources. No matter what, I am going to do my best to help."