Prior Learning Assessment Credit Opportunities

Prior Learning Assessment Credit Opportunities

Many of our prospective students enter our degree programs with significant prior knowledge and experience directly related to their chosen field of study. At OSUIT, we allow you to apply your relevant learning, work, and life experiences toward college credit through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Utilize the links below to explore the wide range of PLA options available in the School or program area of your choice.

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OSUIT offers numerous options for you to earn prior learning credit toward your degree of choice. In addition to review of credit earned at accredited post-secondary institutions, the following options are eligible for evaluation of your knowledge and skills through prior learning assessment at OSUIT:

  1. Standardized Examinations
  2. Industry Certifications & Licenses
  3. Institutional Challenge Exams
  4. Portfolio Review
  5. Evaluation of Military Training & Experience

Standardized Examinations


You may be able to earn credit by demonstrating knowledge competency through standardized assessments. Here are the three most common assessments available:

Advanced Placement Examinations
Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations provide you with the opportunity to complete college-level coursework while in high school and to gain valuable skills and study habits for college. Proficiency credit is awarded according to American Council of Education (ACE) recommendations for the respective lower level course requirements. You must submit a copy of an official AP score report to be evaluated for this proficiency credit award.

CLEP Examinations
The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program of credit by examination to obtain recognition of college level achievement. OSU Institute of Technology is a registered CLEP credit granting institution and CLEP examinations are administered in our Assessment Center. OSUIT awards proficiency credit for lower level comparable coursework based on CLEP examination scores as recommended by ACE for the respective lower level course requirements. You must submit a copy of an official CLEP score report to be evaluated for this proficiency credit award.

DSST Examinations
DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) were originally designed for military service members but are now available to both military and civilian learners. Proficiency credit is awarded for passing scores according to ACE recommendations for the respective lower level course requirements. You must submit a copy of an official DSST score report to be evaluated for this proficiency credit award.

Industry Certifications & Licenses


Through your professional or personal work, you may have earned a certification or license that can translate into college-level credit. Many industry certifications and licenses have been reviewed by OSUIT faculty members for inclusion on our Prior Learning Assessment matrix. If you wish to request a prior learning credit evaluation for a certification or license that has not been previously reviewed by OSUIT’s faculty members, you will be asked to apply for credit through OSUIT’s PLA Portfolio Review process.

Institutional Challenge Exams


OSUIT offers students the opportunity to earn prior learning credit for many of its courses by taking institutionally developed challenge exams. These exams, developed by OSUIT’s faculty content experts, may include written and/or hands-on skills components and are designed to assess a student’s knowledge of the key learning objectives and competencies taught in each course.

Portfolio Review


OSUIT recognizes that knowledge gained outside of the classroom may be relevant to your degree program. Learning experiences gained through employment, non-collegiate school based education, or other appropriate channels may be evaluated for course credit through our PLA Portfolio Review process.

Evaluation of Military Training & Experience


OSUIT is proud to work with active and retired US military personnel to recognize the college level learning gained through your military experience and technical training and to assist in translating that learning into college credit. Learn more about our military credit options here.

Full PLA Course Listing

Course Credit Available through Prior Learning Assessment [PDF Document]
ACCT 2103 Financial Accounting 3        
BADM 1113 Introduction to Business 3          
BADM 2063 Business Law 3        
BADM 2153 Marketing Principles 3          
BIOL 1014 General Biology (Non-Majors) (L,N) 4          
BIOL 1114 General Biology (L,N) 4        
BIOL 2104 Human Anatomy (L,N) 4          
BIOL 2114 Human Physiology (L,N) 4          
CHEM 1314 General Chemistry I (L,N) 4        
CHEM 1515 General Chemistry II (L,N) 5        
CS 1013 Computer Literacy and Applications 3    
ECON 2103 Microeconomics (S) 3        
ECON 2203 Macroeconomics 3        
ENGL 1033 Technical Writing I 3      
ENGL 1113 Freshman Composition I 3    
ENGL 1213 Freshman Composition II 3        
ENGL 2033 Technical Writing II 3          
ENGL 2113 Creative Writing 3          
ENGL 3323 Technical Writing III 3          
GEOG 2243 Geography (N,S) 3          
HHP 1113 Personal Health 3          
HIST 1483 US History to 1865 3        
HIST 1493 US History Since 1865 3        
HIST 1613 Western Civilization to 1500 (H) 3          
HIST 1623 Western Civilization After 1500 (H) 3          
HUM 1013 Humanities I (H) 3        
HUM 1033 Humanities II (H) 3          
HUM 1113 Music Appreciation (H) 3          
HUM 2563 Comparative Cultures (H,I) 3          
MATH 1493 Math for Critical Thinking 3        
MATH 1513 College Algebra (A) 3        
MATH 1613 Trigonometry (A) 3          
MATH 2003 Business Mathematics 3        
MATH 2144 Calculus I (A) 4        
MATH 2153 Calculus II (A) 3          
MGMT 2313 Principles of Management 3        
MGMT 2603 Human Resource Management 3          
MGMT 2913 Leadership and Organizational Behavior (D) 3          
NSCI 1113 Introduction to Nutrition (N) 3        
PHIL 1013 Ethics of Leadership (H,S) 3          
PHIL 1213 Ethics (H,S) 3          
PHYS 1114 General Physics I 4        
PHYS 1204 General Physical Science 4      
PHYS 1214 General Physics II 4        
POLS 1113 US Government 3        
PSYC 1113 Introductory Psychology (S) 3        
PSYC 2583 Developmental Psychology (S) 3        
SOC 1113 Introductory Sociology (S) 3          
SPAN 1115 Elementary Spanish I 5        
SPAN 1225 Elementary Spanish II 5        
SPCH 1113 Introduction to Speech Communications 3          
STAT 2013 Elementary Statistics (A) 3          
ACR 1111 EPA Certification Information 1          
ACR 1121 Introduction to Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology 1          
ACR 1336 Residential A/C & Heating Systems 6      
ACR 2406 Commercial Refrigeration Applications 6        
ACR 2443 Systems Controls 3        
ACR 2513 Air Systems Design 3        
ACR 2603 Commercial Air Conditioning 3        
ACR 2616 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Capstone 6        
ACR 2806 ACR Internship I 6          
ACR 2912 ACR Internship 12          
BLD 1503 Construction Experience and/or Trade Skills I 3        
BLD 2513 Interior Finishes & Specialties 3        
CNS 1213 Construction Safety OSHA 30 Hour 3          
CNS 2806 Construction Internship 6          
CUA 1102  Culinary Theory 2        
CUA 1135 Skills Development I 5          
CUA 1151 Food Safety 1          
CUA 1162 Food Service Management 2          
CUA 1375 Bread and Pastry Production 5          
DHE 2033 Diesel Skills I 3          
DHE 2043 Diesel Skills II 3          
DHE 2053 Diesel Skills III 3          
ECNT 1103 DC & AC Circuit Analysis 3          
ECNT 1233 Electrical Motors and Controls 3          
ECNT 1253 Electrical Wiring Methods I – Residential 3          
ETD 1101 Safety Applications 1        
ETDE 1243 DC Electronics and Metrology 3          
ETDE 1263 AC Electronics and Photonics 3          
ETDE 1343 Motors and Controls I 3          
ETDE 2113 Introduction to PLCs 3          
ETDG 1143 Introduction to Design/Drafting 3        
ETDG 1192 Applied AutoCAD 2          
ETDG 1253 Technical Drawing 3        
ETDG 1523 Architectural Design 3        
ETDG 2143 Architectural Modeling 3          
ETDG 2223 Piping Drafting & Design 3          
ETDG 2423 SolidWorks 3        
GRD 1133 Basic Drawing 3          
GRD 1143 Basic Design 3          
GTCT 1183 Welding 3      
ITD 1013 Fundamentals of Information Technologies 3          
ITD 1213 Hardware Systems Support 3        
ITD 1223 Network Systems 3        
ITD 1243 Principles of Information Security 3        
ITD 1353 Web Programming & Development 3          
ITD 2153 LAN/WAN Implementation & Support 3        
ITD 2223 Operating Systems 3        
ITD 2643 Linux Workstation & Server OS 3        
MMT 1113 Introduction to 3D 3        
MMT 2423 Introduction to Web Design 3        
NURS 1128 Foundations of Nursing 8          
NURS 1322 Nursing Dosage Calculations 2          
NURS 1229 Nursing Care of Families 9          
VIS 1123 InDesign Publishing I 3        
VIS 1343 Digital Illustration 3        
VIS 1373 Digital Imaging 3