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The Purchasing Office's travel site is designed to help you plan, participate, return, and follow up on all your travel plans, whether travel is done locally or out-of-state.

Lodging, airfare, and rental cars are booked through Purchasing.

Official OSUIT Travel Policy

OSU AIRS - This site is used to approve and review in-state travel reimbursement, out-of-state travel requests, and out-of-state travel reimbursement.

SharePoint Off-Campus Trip Request - Log in and select SharePoint icon. This site is used to request and edit all in-state travel and any travel out-of-state. 

Concur- Anthony Travel Portal -  Use this site to view lodging and airfare options and costs. All bookings will be completed by Purchasing. 

GSA Per Diem Rates - Use this site to find Per Diem and Hotel rates for your travel area.

Lost Receipt Form - Used in place of missing original receipts.

OSU Prepay Conference Registration - This form must be completed and included with any prepayment of event registration.

Travel Reimbursement Form - Used to request reimbursement after travel has occurred. 

Travel Rules Summary 

Auto Insurance & Accident Paperwork