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                                           New Travel Restrictions

The Purchasing Office's travel site is designed to help you plan, participate, return, and follow up on all your travel plans, whether travel is done locally or out-of-state.

Lodging, airfare, and rental cars are booked through Purchasing.

Official OSUIT Travel Policy - Updated November 2020

Travel Checklist - Checklist to aid the traveler in fulfilling travel requirements. New!

OSUIT Travel Step by Step Guide - Step by step instructions to guide the traveler through the entire travel process. New!

OSU AIRS - This site is used to approve and review in-state travel reimbursement, out-of-state travel requests, and out-of-state travel reimbursement.

SharePoint Off-Campus Trip Request - Log in and select SharePoint icon. This site is used to request and edit all in-state travel and any travel out-of-state. 

Concur- Anthony Travel Portal -  Use this site to view lodging and airfare options and costs. All bookings will be completed by Purchasing. 

GSA Per Diem Rates - Use this site to find Per Diem and Hotel rates for your travel area.

Lost Receipt Form - Used in place of missing original receipts.

OSU Prepay Conference Registration - This form must be completed and included with any prepayment of event registration.

Travel Reimbursement Form - Used to request reimbursement after travel is completed.

Travel Rules Summary 

Auto Insurance & Accident Paperwork