Prior Learning Assessment frequently asked questions

Prior Learning Assessent/Advanced Standing credit is available for students with work experience that directly relates to course work.  Additionally, professional certifications can be considered for some courses and challenge exams are available through the OSUIT Assessment Center. Please see the Prior Learning Credit for OSUIT IT Coursework document for a list of courses and certificates.

PLA can be requested by the student after completion of 12 credit hours at OSUIT.

When do I have to turn in the application for PLA? Though PLA credit can be applied for at any time, ideally the request will be submitted no less than one week prior to the semester start date and prior to enrolling in the class.
What is involved in the process? For certificates and/or challenge exams contact the IT office ( or 918.293.4805). For internship PLA contact the intern coordinator to see if the position qualifies for credit. If approved an application packet is sent to the student. The student completes the packet and returns it to the IT office. Once the department has verified the information and the Dean has approved the credit the request is sent to the OSUIT Registrar office to be recorded.
How long do I have to have worked i the industry? At least 1 year full time equivalent or 2,000 hours.
Can I get credit for ITD 4809 or just ITD 4806? You can only recieve PLA credit for ITD 4806.
What about ITD 3201, Employment Orientation? ITD 3201,  Employment Orientation is a prerequisite for internship classes. ITD 3201 Employment Orientation is included in PLA credit for ITD 4806. 
Do I have to have worked a full time job? No, but the credit is based on hours and at least 2000 hours of documented work in the field is required.
What if I am an independent contractor or own my own business? PLA credit will be based on 2000 clock hours of documented IT work experience.
Does military experience count? Yes, if the veteran was in an IT job.
What if my job required a non-disclosure agreement? OSUIT has been very successful in working with top secret companies to get ccredit approved. These are considered on a case-by-case basis and require intern coordinator and dean approval.
How far back can experience count toward PLA? Experience has to be within the last 10 years. The IT industry changes too rapidly to consider older experience.