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Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technologies - Natural Gas Compression Technologies

Start Date: Fall and Spring Semester

OSUIT’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Industrial Maintenance Technologies - Natural Gas Compression Technologies degree program trains students in procedures and regulations surrounding the operation and repair of large industrial machinery, specifically natural gas compressors.

Natural gas compressor mechanics and operators enjoy a remarkable career with opportunities all over the globe, from a gas well a few miles from home to an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Earning an associate degree through our natural gas technician program prepares students for employment in the natural gas industry as mechanics, technicians or pump operators.

With a state-of-the-art 24,000-square foot training facility and a built-in internship at a real company that supplies or produces natural gas, OSUIT’s AAS in Industrial Maintenance Technologies degree uniquely equips students with the talents and skills they need to service natural gas compressors.

Natural Gas Compression Technology Degree Outcomes

To become a natural gas compressor mechanic, you’ll need both hands-on experience and educational training focused on natural gas engine systems and safety procedures. OSUIT’s AAS in Natural Gas Compression Technologies curriculum emphasizes hands-on instruction by industry-savvy OSUIT faculty, from engines to electronic controls.

Along with experiencing the cutting-edge technology of the Chesapeake Energy Natural Gas Compression Training Center, students in this AAS degree program will learn:

  • A thorough understanding of the natural gas industry and how gas flows from well to end user
  • How to install, operate and inspect large stationary machines like natural gas compressors
  • Procedures for tune-ups, repairs and complete overhauls, including disassembly, failure analysis and reassembly
  • Properties of rich burn and lean burn natural gas engines and facilities
  • Fundamental engine system principles and how to repair components like tubing, hoses, pipes and valves
  • Basic and advanced motor and electrical controls and instrumentation
  • Tool and shop safety and environmental regulations, including OSHA, EPA and Hazardous Materials and Waste regulations
  • How to effectively communicate technical information verbally and in writing

With OSUIT’s Associate of Applied Science degree in Industrial Technologies, you will be prepared to understand new systems and components as they are introduced throughout your career and to acquire higher-level positions as opportunities develop.


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Associate Degree in Industrial Technologies Requirements

OSUIT’s natural gas compression associate degree comprises 73 credit hours of courses, earned over five semesters, the fifth being a semester-long internship. These courses blend advanced industrial maintenance knowledge with general education degree requirements that reinforce essential skills like critical thinking, ethics and communication.

Courses required in the Natural Gas Compression Technologies major include:

  • DC/AC Circuit Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Maintenance
  • Gas Compressors
  • Advanced Engine Technology
  • Industrial Maintenance Capstone course, focused on preparing for job interviews and entering the workforce through enhancing marketable skills

You’ll also take general education courses in areas such as:

  • Technical Writing
  • Speech
  • U.S. Government
  • World History
  • Business Mathematics

Through an integrated curriculum of hands-on learning, capstone projects and expert classroom instruction strengthened through professional training, graduates of the Natural Gas Compression Technologies associate degree program can begin working in the natural gas industry or progress further in their current career as a natural gas compressor technician or mechanic.

Why Earn an AAS in Industrial Technologies - Natural Gas Compression at OSUIT

OSUIT’s Natural Gas Compression program benefits range from applying your skill set during internships with real industry employers to sponsorships from Gas Processor Association (GPA) member companies.

Paid Natural Gas Technician Training

Developing talent and skill through hands-on experience is central to OSUIT’s Associate in Applied Science in Industrial Technologies - Natural Gas Compression Technologies program. Graduate with the experience you need for entry-level gas compression technician positions with the built-in internship semester, where you can earn a paycheck while earning your gas compression associate degree. Learn more about OSUIT internship opportunities.

Experience OSUIT’s Near-100% Job Placement

Almost every graduate of OSU Institute of Technology reports job placement within six months of graduation. See how OSUIT’s career resources, including our industry partnerships and our job board, contribute to the success of our students.

Learn Industrial Maintenance From Expert Faculty

Our gas technician training program faculty teach industry best practices informed by their solid on-the-job experience, guiding you to work with the technology hands-on. Meet the gas compression program faculty

Shorten Your Degree Path With Prior Credits

If you’re seeking an associate degree but already have some gas compression training or experience under your belt, you can earn your degree more quickly by transferring prior learning credits. Learn about prior learning assessment requirements to see if you qualify.

Save With Competitive AAS Tuition

OSUIT ensures an affordable path to an associate degree by keeping costs low with options to lower them further. At just $6,702.75, tuition is about half of other state universities' in-state tuition. Review more information about OSUIT’s tuition and fees.

OSUIT Financial Aid Options 

OSUIT’s many financial aid opportunities can be program-specific, or locally or federally funded. Students in the gas compression program are often sponsored through GPA member companies offering scholarships or other assistance. Review financial aid options at OSUIT.

State-of-the-Art Natural Gas Compression Training Facilities

OSUIT’s on-campus natural gas technician training facility, the Chesapeake Energy Natural Gas Compression Training Center, is home to cutting-edge industrial technology including dual rail overhead cranes, supporting and reinforcing classroom and lab learning unlike any other program. Explore features of the Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Maintenance program’s natural gas compression facility.

Natural Gas Compression Technician Career Outlook

The natural gas industry produces, transports and distributes natural gas for use all over the country and the world, employing compressor technicians, compressor operators, pump station operators, compressor mechanics and more.

In the natural gas distribution industry, industrial machinery mechanics earn an average annual salary of $72,090, and natural gas compressor or pump station operators earn an average of $70,000–72,150 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

With the multitude of energy industry operations in Oklahoma, the state is one of the top five who employ the highest level of gas compressor operators, and one of the top 10 highest paying for the position, making it a prime location for students looking to enter the natural gas industry.

How to Apply to the Natural Gas Technology Degree Program

OSUIT’s admission criteria for the AAS degree program varies based on your experience and educational background. Most programs require some high school coursework, but OSUIT does not require submitting test scores.

If you’re interested in earning an associate degree to further your career in natural gas compression technology and industrial mechanical maintenance, review OSUIT’s admission requirements. Then, begin your application

Learn More About the AAS in Industrial Maintenance Technologies - Natural Gas Compression Technologies

With world-class facilities and industry-leading faculty, earning an AAS in Industrial Maintenance Technologies - Natural Gas Compression degree at OSU Institute of Technology is the first step toward a rewarding career in energy infrastructure at home or anywhere in the world.

To learn more, request information about the associate degree gas compressor program or speak to an enrollment advisor today at 918-293-3817.

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