CAT® Dealer Prep Sponsorship

Student Qualifications

Prospective students must be:

  • 18 years of age (or older) by the time of the first internship.
  • High School Graduate, or equivalent.
  • Able to meet OSU Institute of Technology and CAT® Dealership admission and academic requirements.
  • Sponsored by a CAT® Dealership.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and maintain an employable driving record.
  • Willing to take a drug test if requested by Dealership sponsor. (NOTE: for many dealerships this is a requirement for employment)
  • Sincere about becoming the best service technician he/she can be.

Responsibilities of Participants

OSU Institute of Technology

  • Provide faculty dedicated solely to the CAT® Dealer Prep Program
  • Provide necessary time to initially train and update the faculty
  • Provide facility dedicated solely to the CAT® Dealer Prep Program; classrooms, labs, etc.
  • Appoint a CAT® Dealer Prep Program Coordinator.
  • Provide advisement for CAT® Dealer Prep students.
  • Maintain up-to-date tools and equipment.
  • Grant the Associate of Applied Science degree in Caterpillar Service Technology to graduates.
  • Inform sponsoring dealers of student progress.
  • Assist dealerships with student selection and recruitment.
  • Work with the Dealership Coordinator to assure involvement in internships.
  • Conduct student visitations during internships.
  • Establish a CAT® Dealer Prep Advisory Committee.
  • Schedule Advisory Committee meetings.

CAT® Dealerships

  • Agree to act as a sponsoring dealership.
  • Appoint an in-dealership Coordinator.
  • Recruit, interview and select prospective student(s)
  • Provide dealership coordinated internship experience in accordance with the program schedule for the duration of the curriculum.
  • Provide related work/learning experiences that supplement the students’ most recent instruction.
  • Agree to pay the student during periods of dealership internship.
  • Provide work uniforms for student consistent with dealership policy both while at school and at the dealership.
  • Provide any other benefits in a manner consistent with other dealership employees.
  • Assist in obtaining equipment and training aids.
  • Participate in the Advisory Committee meetings.


  • Obtain and maintain a CAT® Dealer Prep Dealership Sponsor throughout the program.
  • Provide sponsoring CAT® Dealership with responsible and productive work effort.
  • Participate in all learning activities at scheduled times.
  • Maintain academic standards and adhere to academic policies (minimum 2.0 GPA) according to OSU Institute of Technology policy.
  • Maintain dealership attendance standards.
  • Be responsible for program cost: tuition, fees, books, tools, housing, etc.
  • Wear work uniforms, safety glasses and recommended personal safety equipment during campus class/labs and dealership internship experiences.

Student Selection Procedures

  • Students who wish to become a member of the CAT® Dealer Prep program should make application early in the spring semester (January - March) if possible. This will allow time for processing financial aid packages, identification of preparatory class needs, sponsorship acquisition, etc. The application process includes the following:
    • Complete OSU Institute of Technology Application for Admission.
    • Comply with OSU Institute of Technology Admission Policies.
    • Complete the CAT® Dealer Prep Scholarship Application.
    • Return the completed CAT® Dealer Prep Scholarship Application to a participating CAT® Dealership.
    • Complete the student assessment process. (Includes both the ACCUPLACER® and Career Profile testing.)
    • Submit a current official driving record.
    • Remove preparatory class needs prior to the start of the program.
  • Students who successfully complete the Admission process are eligible to interview with the CAT® Dealership of their choice. Check with the CAT® Dealer Prep faculty for a list of CAT® Dealerships that have agreed to participate in the program. The interview should take place at the dealership and participant’s goals should be discussed. ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A DEALER SPONSOR BEFORE ENROLLMENT CAN BE COMPLETED.
  • Should the interview prove successful, the dealership will complete the CAT® Dealer Sponsorship Application and submit it to the OSU Institute of Technology CAT® Dealer Prep Program Coordinator.

Note: Since the CAT® Dealer Prep Program will have more applicants than openings, the faculty and participating CAT® Dealers will use the criteria listed above in the selection process.