Pete's Pantry

Pete's Pantry


Monday-Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm


Beth Rogers

Pete's Pantry



Pete's Pantry is located in the former Workforce building south of the Grady Clack Center on the campus of OSUIT.

Bike Application

Pete's Pantry, the OSU Institute of Technology's campus food pantry, is helping combat food insecurity for students and promoting student success.

The program was established by the OSUIT Service Learning Committee and has been in operation since October 2019. It is available to students enrolled at OSUIT, including concurrent, GED and MPower, Green Country Technology Center and College of the Muscogee Nation.

There is no application process for students to take advantage of the pantry, simply show a student ID. There is no limit on items received, and students are welcome to visit as often as needed.

Pete's Closet

We have professional dress clothing all donated by OSUIT employees and students. There is a great selection of nice clothing for students to take and keep for free.

Students can also browse a variety of other necessities such as hygiene products, school and children's supplies, and more.


  • Provide food assistance to all OSUIT (including concurrent), Green Country and College of Muskogee Nation students who are food insecure.  
  • Provide students with information on community resources for food insecurity.   
  • Provide short-term assistance to encourage and foster long-term independence through education.   
  • Improve academic success by improving access to on-going sources of nutrition for our students. 
  • Provide hands-on leadership experiences for students who are interested in volunteering with the pantry.   


Through the partnership with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Pete's Pantry is able to supplement the pantry stock but is always accepting donations.

Monetary donations are also accepted through the OSU Foundation Arts and Sciences Excellence Fund for the OSUIT Pete's Pantry.

Volunteer Opportunities

Pete's Pantry provides hands-on leadership experiences for students who are interested in volunteering.

Pete's Pantry

Any student or employee may sign up. Opportunities include organizing and stocking the pantry, unloading pallets of food, checking donation expiration dates, helping sustain a clean and organized environment, cleaning the pantry location and serving students who visit.

Pete's Pantry is located in the Learning Resource Center, room 109. It is open Mondays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For more information about Pete's Pantry, donations or volunteer opportunities, please contact Beth Rogers at

Free Bicycle Application

Pete's Pantry has a small selection of bicycles available for students in need. Please fill out this application and we will reach out to you.

First and last name.
For example, own a car, share a car, public transportation etc…
For example, fix the tire if it’s flat?