Workforce & Economic Development


Workforce & Economic Development
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The role of WFED is to foster workforce development in the areas of customized training, technology deployment, applied research, strategic planning, best practices and coordination.

Employers now realize that learning does create competitive advantage. The priority areas of learning that increase workforce productivity are broad-based technical skills, built-in quality, continuous process improvement and teamwork.

Research indicates that training for incumbent workers is growing 10,000 percent faster than academia. Customized training for employers is tied to specific need, emphasizes practicality and measurable results, minimizes intermediaries, and maximizes the productive use of the resulting knowledge. Just-in-time learning is becoming as popular as just-in-time manufacturing. WFED assists with needs assessment, technical assistance and other support services that allow employers to increase their productivity in today’s global economy. Nearly all activities are performed in a just-in-time fashion. Customized learning activities may be conducted on campus, off campus or on location.