Admission Requirements

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Apply for Admissions

Get the admissions packet to start your application to OSUIT or start the application process online.

Admissions Packet [PDF Document]

Admissions Criteria

Find out more about the criteria for admissions requirements.

Admissions Checklist

See the step-by-step guide to admissions.

Concurrent Enrollment

Find out more about concurrent enrollment.

Prospective students have certain criteria to meet before they can enroll in a college or university in Oklahoma, including OSU Institute of Technology. Those criteria include 15 units of high school course work:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of Mathematics
  • Three units of Laboratory Science
  • Three units of History and Citizenship Skills
  • Two additional units of foreign language; computer science; or courses that fit into one of above categories
  • Be sure to check the specific criteria and the admissions checklist for more information

First-time, Transfer, Special Admissions & International Students

Students are admitted as first-time college students, transfer students or special admission including non-degree seeking students, adult students, international students and home-study students. Those students need to meet specific requirements, find out more about those admission requirements.

Concurrent Enrollment Students

OSUIT also admits high school junior and seniors for concurrent enrollment, where the student is able to receive college credit while still enrolled in high school, as long as they meet certain criteria.


Enrollment times are shown on the Academic Calendar. The enrollment process for all new students starts with the Admissions Office.

The Admissions staff assists students with their admission process and provides them with their initial advisement. The student will then work with an academic advisor from their department outlining a plan of study and identifying course requirements for enrollment.

Continuing students are urged to review their academic progress each semester with an advisor from their department.

Late Enrollment

All students are encouraged to enroll prior to the start of the semester. Late enrollment begins on the first day of school and will be allowed only during the first three days of the semester. A late fee will be assessed for those students enrolling during the first three days of the semester.