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View the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology 2023-2024 Academic Catalog.

2023-2024 Academic Catalog
The academic catalog provides everything you need to know about our degree programs, course offerings, policies and procedures, and available student services.
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The course descriptions are in alphabetical order (example: Accounting ACCT) and in numerical order within the prefix.

Course Numbers

Each course consists of a three to four-letter prefix (discipline) plus a four digit number following the prefix. The first digit following the prefix designates the general course level: 1-freshman, 2-sophomore, 3-junior, 4-senior and 0-designate a nontransferable course that does not apply to program requirements. The fourth digit at right designates the number of credit hours. A course number ending in ‘0’ designates a course with a variable credit of 1-9 credit hours.


Some courses have requirements that must be met prior to enrollment in that course. These are listed as course prerequisites at the end of the course description. Courses listed as ‘corequisite’ are to be taken in the same semester as the course listed. Although not stated for every course, division chair permission to enroll may be obtained in lieu of the prerequisite course where students have satisfied the requirement by other means.


Some courses are not offered every semester. Therefore, students are encouraged to follow the plan of study and to work closely with a Faculty Advisor.


Your course syllabi should be available one week before your course begins. You can access your course syllabi through Canvas or browse our complete list of syllabi for each semester:

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