OSUIT to Hold Annual Employee Banquet in June

OSUIT to Hold Annual Employee Banquet in June

OSUIT to Hold Annual Employee Banquet in June

OSU Institute of Technology will honor employees at the annual Employee Banquet on Tuesday, June 4, at 5:30 p.m. in Covelle Hall.

The banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of OSUIT employees and is a great way to recognize and support fellow colleagues.

The recent video teaser for the Employee Banquet, sent out by Dr. Ina Agnew, vice president of Student Services, left everyone on campus with questions about the event, and the menu. In an effort to to find out more, we reached out to Dr. Agnew.

Tickets for the banquet will be available for purchase until May 28 at the Bursar Office window for $10. “After that time, they’ll have to beg me to purchase a ticket,” said Dr. Agnew, jokingly (we think).

Dr. Agnew is leading (controlling) the committee of this year's banquet and responded to our questions via email after multiple attempts to interview her in person (due to her No Comment Policy). She "encourages" employees to meet others at the event. “Of course, you’ll want to attend this year because of the outstanding menu, for which no comment is necessary.”

Employees will be recognized with several awards during the event including the John and Suanne Roueche Award, Outstanding Faculty Award, Outstanding Classified Staff Award, Regents Distinguished Teaching Award and many others.

“Of course, there will also be the most important award of all, the SURVIVOR Service Award,” she responded. “Employees are recognized beginning at five years and every five thereafter.”

In addition to the awards, Dr. Agnew mentioned that a surprise dinner menu is on the agenda for the evening. “From my perspective, we eat. But we have a program. And, we eat.”

“I hope you don’t come. I hope I can take all the food that is left home with me back to the office to share with Student Services,” Dr. Agnew wrote. “You will regret not attending when we show you the pictures of what we had. Yes, you will be very sorry indeed if you don’t show up. But my staff and I will revel in the delicious leftovers. We will praise your generosity…and your shortsightedness.”  

Please note, this article, although it contains factual information, is for entertainment and satirical purposes. No reporters were harmed in the writing of this story.