Be True To You at OSUIT – Karina Banegas

Be True To You at OSUIT – Karina Banegas

Be True To You at OSUIT – Karina Banegas

Where are you from?

I am from Honduras, Central America. I moved to Oklahoma in 2015.

Why did you choose to attend OSUIT?

I chose OSUIT after researching culinary schools for six months. I wanted a location that was in Oklahoma, affordable and that had an outstanding academic program.

That place turned out to be OSUIT!

What is your program of study, and why did you choose it? 

My program of study is Culinary Arts. I chose Culinary Arts because it has been my lifelong dream to become a chef and open a non-profit organization for food service. I had previously held a career as a mortgage loan processor, but the desire to become a chef never left.  

How can you Be True To You at OSUIT?

OSUIT allows students to pursue their personalized dreams and goals. By coming to this school, I chose the program that fit me and my goals best.

How will you Be the One They Call?

OSUIT is unlike any other school because their goal is to train, educate and empower students to graduate and be the very best professionally. The level of dedication being taught is preparing me to excel in real-life scenarios.

What would you tell someone about OSUIT?

Choosing this school is the best professional decision I’ve made. OSUIT works for any person, in any stage of life. Whether you’re a working parent or someone that needs a new career path, OSUIT will get you there.