Be True to You at OSUIT - Corey Oliver

Be True to You at OSUIT - Corey Oliver

Be True to You at OSUIT - Corey Oliver

Where are you from?

I am from Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Why did you choose to attend OSUIT?

I chose OSUIT because the school had many things to offer me. I enjoy the atmosphere the school provides and the information the instructors have to offer.

What is your program, and why did you choose it? 

I am enrolled in the Pro-Tech program; I chose this program because of its diversity. I did not want to be limited to one manufacturer so Pro-Tech appealed to me.

How can you Be True To You at OSUIT?

The statement “Be true to you at OSUIT” means that, as a student, I need to do what is necessary to be the best I can be. I need to be true to myself and not worry about anything else.

How will you Be the One They Call?

The statement “Be the one they call” is meaningful for me because as a technician it is important for me that each of my friends and coworkers feel that they can call on me for advice or information.

What would you tell someone about OSUIT?

If someone asked me where they should go for technical training, I would happily refer them to OSUIT. Even though I attend this school, I do not feel biased. This institution has many programs to offer and excellent educators to make sure students adequately learn what they can about the field they choose. I am happy that I found OSUIT.