Culinary Class to Sell Baked Goods Out of State Room

Culinary Class to Sell Baked Goods Out of State Room

Sara Plummer
Culinary Class to Sell Baked Goods Out of State Room

Ever wished you could take some muffins, rolls or pastries home from OSU Institute of Technology’s State Room? The dream is a reality as School of Culinary Arts students in Chef Grady Perryman’s baking and pastry class are now selling their goods twice a week from the State Room lobby case.

“I have a big class, and they can handle it,” said Perryman. “It’s an extra outlet for them, and it’s something else we can offer the public.”

The baked goods will be for sale Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to noon in the State Room lobby.

Perryman said the students will get baking retail experience and learn how to price items and how to set up a case so the food is the most appealing to customers.

“It’s a good opportunity for students to see how it’s done,” said Dean of the School of Culinary Arts Gene Leiterman. “A few of the students will be there to talk about what’s available.”

Dmitri Reisdorph is one of the students in the class.

“It’s good experience. You work with deadlines and higher production. It’s more of a real-world experience,” Reisdorph said.

The items offered in the case each week changes as the students learn more techniques and complex recipes.

“We’ve been trying to branch out. Last week, we did mini-pumpkin bread loaves; this week is bran muffins. Right now, we’re doing quick breads, and then we’ll get to yeast-risen breads,” he said.

Leiterman said he hopes the venture also makes customers happy, as the school gets requests to purchase foods all the time.

“The number of times we’ve heard donuts and fruitcake,” he said. “This is another way we can engage with the community.”