OSUIT Diversity Learning Series to Discuss the Latinx Community

OSUIT Diversity Learning Series to Discuss the Latinx Community

OSUIT Diversity Learning Series to Discuss the Latinx Community

The next topic for discussion for the OSU Institute of Technology virtual Diversity Learning Series will be The Hispanic Resource Center and The Issues Impacting the Latinx Community May 18 at 3 p.m.

The OSUIT Diversity & Inclusion Committee is proud to welcome Amairani Perez Chamu, Hispanic Resource Center Coordinator for Tulsa City-County Library.

This is a free event available to all OSUIT students, faculty and staff.

"It is important that we discuss these issues to dispel the myths and misinformation about the Latinx community in Tulsa," said Perez. "As a community, we are facing several barriers, and we can work together to promote and champion better representation and a better understanding of the individuals that make up our communities."

Perez is in charge of managing the Spanish collection and programming for the Latino community in East Tulsa. She serves as the president of the board of directors for the East Tulsa Main Street District and is a multidisciplinary artist in poetry and film.

Her discussion will cover some of the resources and services available at the Tulsa City-County Library's Hispanic Resource Center, discuss some of the community's key celebrations, and how they have evolved the programming to accommodate a growing and diverse community.

"My goal is for listeners to learn about the Latinx community in Tulsa and understand that we are more than just a Cinco de Mayo celebration or the stereotypical representation that media typically depicts," she said. "Our culture is rich with philosophies, literature and ideologies, and we are working to build trust and true representation for the community."

She will also discuss the Latinx community in Tulsa and look at the population, demographics, and initiatives to make Tulsa feel more welcoming to the Latinx community.

"Participating in this series allows me to give insight into the resources available at the library and to share the exciting initiatives that we are working on in East Tulsa. The more people know about the services and issues present in our community, the better equipped we are to help others," she said.

The committee is planning for the Diversity Learning Series to be a once-a-month event via Zoom. They anticipate the series will continue virtually through the summer trimester, at some point resuming in-person events.

For more information about the speaker or to RSVP, please visit the Diversity & Inclusion website page.