Eating Healthy Has Never Tasted Better.

Eating Healthy Has Never Tasted Better.

Bob Lewis
Eating Healthy Has Never Tasted Better.

Originally published in Tulsa Business & Legal News  | Remember those old-time advertising cartoons that showed a muscular bully kicking sand in the face of an unfortunate scrawny fellow?

As hard as it might be to believe in looking at award-winning national physique show competitor Randy McBroom today, the 98-pound weakling on the receiving end of this unkind treatment could well have been him.

“I grew up being told, ‘Eat all your vegetables, they will make your eyes sparkle’ so I did,” McBroom said. “But I spent most of my time as a kid being the shortest, scrawniest, and always left out. I played soccer and loved the sport, but was always told I was too short, too skinny, and not fast enough. That is when I decided I was going to change how I looked and how people perceived me.” Through a lot of hard physical work and a focus on healthy eating, McBroom did exactly that. His mission now is to help others follow in his footsteps.  A graduate of the culinary school at OSU Okmulgee, he cooked up the concept of his own business — Food 2B Fit.  In the early days, it had one steady customer, the chef himself, who also worked as a personal trainer and physique show participant. The health meals he created were all geared to helping him do his best in competition.

That client list has grown considerably since then with men and women discovering how easy it is to take the guesswork and common misconceptions out of healthy eating.

One of those misconceptions is to eat healthy, you have to give up variety and good taste. Food 2B Fit’s offerings, which include six types of protein, four carbohydrates, five vegetables, two salads, one snack and one dessert, speak for themselves in dashing that myth.

“We save our customers time, energy and calories by providing healthy, delicious meals delivered right to their door,” the chef notes with obvious pride.  All that’s required is visiting, selecting the menu items desired, specifying a 4-, 7-, or 10-ounce size, and placing an order. Cutoff time is 5 p.m.  Thursday since McBroom and his culinary team prepare all the meals over the weekend and deliver them on Mondays.  For those who would like a taste of one-on-one nutrition counseling, McBroom said he is always available to meet personally.

“I am very passionate about cooking good food that people enjoy and, as a result, can live a healthier life,” he said. “I never set out to start a catering business with healthy meals on the go. This is all about putting together my two passions in life, working out and eating healthy, into a business that inspires people to do the same.”