Foodies Unite This Summer at OSU Institute of Technology

Foodies Unite This Summer at OSU Institute of Technology

Amria Norman

Originally published in Henryetta Free-Lance | Food enthusiasts are welcomed to join two chefs from OSUIT this summer for a Food and Wine Experience. Chef Brenda Nimmo and Chef Celia Melson will offer three different courses this summer to the public for the first time ever.

There will be three classes offered on July 21, July 28 and Aug. 3. Each class will include lessons on butchering, tips to improve knife skills, plate presentation techniques, wine education and pairing and family-style dinner with the class. The classes are geared toward someone who is looking forward to learning about these types of things.

“We do this day in and day out; we’re passionate about it. When they tasked us with the community class, we sat down and were able to create a class that was just designed by us,” Nimmo said. “I am looking forward to instructing and inspiring people. I think there is a curiosity about all things culinary and it will be fun. We want it to be enjoyable.”

Each class will have a certain theme, July 21 will be Chicken- Trussing and Beyond. Each student will learn how to cut their own chicken. Within the cooking portion of this class each student will make handmade pasta as well. Chef Nimmo wants to remind people it is a very interactive class. The second class, Pork The Whole Hog, is going to offer more southern flavors and students will make fresh made biscuits. There will be individual hands on and also team work to build towards family style meal. With this class students will experience hands on instruction for dividing a hog into major primal cuts. This course will feature locally sourced produce to accompany the meal.

“Focusing on a community connection is a big part of what we’re trying to do. Our mission is to actually go to the Farmer’s Market and pick out vegetables,” Melson said.

The third and final class will feature Lamb-Beyond Chops. Students will learn techniques for butchering, flavoring and cooking this under-utilized protein.

“Even though we do have lamb shepherds here in Oklahoma it’s not a well-known meat and it can be really wonderful. We hope to introduce some new flavors,” Nimmo said.

With every class there will be wine tasting and pairing instructed by Chef Melson. Each class will have six different wines. So each time a student comes they will get something different out of every class.

“I love to learn about wine. It’s really fun and I get really excited to talk about it,” Melson stated. “I think sometimes wine can seem a little unapproachable. I think some people get a little overwhelmed with all the different options and possibilities. This will hopefully give them a little bit of the guidance.”

The chefs are excited to teach and watch students learn about what OSUIT has to offer.

“I think right now we are in a hype of this whole food movement, which is great. People are focused on purchasing locally and they’re concerned about where there food is grown and how it’s prepared. I think now is a great time to involve people within the community,” Melson stated. “It’s not only an opportunity for us to showcase OSUIT culinary arts, but it’s an opportunity for us to showcase what is happening in the food scene in Oklahoma right now.”

Classes are $200 each or $500 for all three. The classes will accommodate 12 to 15 people. They will begin at 3 pm and wrap up at 8 pm. Those interested can enroll in one or more classes through July 14, as space permits.

“We’re all foodies so we’re going to be cooking things we like to cook and love to show people,” Nimmo said.

For more information on how to enroll, visit OSUIT’s website.

“At the end of the day we want it to be fun. We want people to be pleased that they came out and spent their evening learning about food,” Melson added in closing.