Industry Partners and Employers Visit Campus in Search of Future Workforce

Industry Partners and Employers Visit Campus in Search of Future Workforce

Industry Partners and Employers Visit Campus in Search of Future Workforce

Industry partners and employers will gather at OSU Institute of Technology’s Summer Career Fair Tuesday, June 11, in hopes of finding students for their future workforce.

This summer’s Career Fair provides opportunities for industry partners to meet with OSUIT’s highly skilled and trained students from Construction Technologies, Energy Technologies, Engineering Technologies, Information Technologies, Truck Technician and Visual Communications.

The event allows students to make connections, meet representatives from potential employers and internship sponsors in their field of study and to learn about opportunities for their future career.

James Weygandt, Truck Technician program instructor, said that he feels these career fairs are an absolute must for students. 

“We highly encourage our students to participate,” said Weygandt. “What better way for our students to build their relationship with employers in the field than to meet them face to face in our environment?”

Weygandt said this type of format where the employers come to campus helps relieve some pressure for students to meet “on our turf.”

Viki Little, senior administrative assistant for the vice president of Academic Affairs, said there are around 30 industry partners registered for the summer career fair. 

The spring career fair introduced a new color dot system for employers and students which will continue for the summer fair.

To enable company representatives to easily identify students, each student will be given a name tag with a color dot representing the school under which their program lies. Industry partners are given cards with color dots representing the schools that had been identified as an interest. Each student is also given a color-coded list of industry partners who had expressed an interest in meeting students from their school.

Little said that although many of the same employers continue to attend each semester, the summer career fair features a few employers who did not attend the spring career fair. 

“OSUIT has the opportunity to build relationships with our employers/partners on an entirely different level during our career fair,” said Weygandt. “We also have the opportunity to speak with employers or partners attending the career fair that may not have known we offer particular programs here on campus, and this really opens the door to numerous opportunities.”

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