OSUIT Introduces Scholarship, Waives Online Fees to Benefit Students

OSUIT Introduces Scholarship, Waives Online Fees to Benefit Students

OSUIT Introduces Scholarship, Waives Online Fees to Benefit Students


OSU Institute of Technology announced two new financial incentives designed exclusively for returning students to help offset the economic and educational impacts from COVID-19.

Last week, OSUIT introduced the new Stay True Scholarship, a one-time tuition discount applied toward reenrollment that is available to every returning student who completed at least one credit hour during the spring 2020 semester.

“We understand the concern about funding education and how stressful it can be,” said OSUIT President Bill R. Path. “OSUIT wants to do its part to help ease some of burden of returning to school after facing a unique and challenging spring semester.”

Unique to this scholarship, it is not based on financial need, grade point average, graduation standing or program/major. There is no application necessary, and the waiver is applied automatically upon reenrollment to OSUIT. “Stay True” is a reference to OSUIT’s current branding campaign “Be True to You at OSUIT.”

“I have heard from many students, and I’m inspired by their spirit of perseverance,” said Dr. Path. “That’s what I love about our campus – our students believe in the value of hard work, and they know that persistence pays off.”

OSUIT is one of the highest quality institutions of higher education in the region at one of the lowest tuition costs and has consistently ranked among the most affordable colleges in the nation.

In addition to the scholarship, OSUIT is also waiving distance learning fees for the regular summer session beginning June 15.

Due to the unprecedented disruption in education resulting from the pandemic, OSUIT adjusted its academic calendar for summer and fall 2020. The summer trimester includes a special internship-only session on May 1 with all regular classes beginning June 15. Tentative dates have been announced for the fall 2020 term.

You can find out more details for the Stay True Scholarship at osuit.edu/staytrue or by contacting the Office of Admissions by calling 1-800-722-4471 or emailing information@okstate.edu.

To view the updated summer 2020 academic calendar, please visit osuit.edu/registrar/calendar.php