#I♥OSUIT: Chef Aaron Ware

#I♥OSUIT: Chef Aaron Ware

Sara Plummer
#I♥OSUIT: Chef Aaron Ware

Where are you from?

I am an Army brat, and I was born and raised in Germany until I was 14 years old.

What do you do here at OSUIT? 

I am currently on my eighth year as an instructor in the School of Culinary Arts

Tell me a little about your experience with the university as a student and now as an instructor?

As a student at this university I was given tools to further my career, but what has always made me love it here was the support I was given by students and from everyone that worked here. They treated me like family, corrected me when I needed it, and hugged me when I was down. The same is true today as a faculty member. The amount of love and support cannot be overlooked— it’s a family. Many want to see me do well and they help me be better.

What’s been the best thing about working here?

The best thing has been the real relationships I have gotten to build at OSUIT.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

I would have to say my favorite place on campus would have to be the library. The reason why is the staff, they are so helpful and the way they all work together to make it very welcoming. They help you with things that are pressing to you with calm and cheerfulness. They make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about attending or working at OSUIT?

If you want to see real change in your life this is the place to go. I was able to grow up and become a man with the help of others. And as a man here today I am able to see real change in my life and those students around me, and I draw real hope for my own life because of it.