#I♥OSUIT: Kamie Rash

#I♥OSUIT: Kamie Rash

Sara Plummer
#I♥OSUIT: Kamie Rash

Where are you from?

Originally from Syracuse, Kansas

What do you do here at OSUIT? 

I am the Activities Coordinator for Student Life

Tell me a little about your experience with the university so far?

I have come to learn that OSUIT is by no means a traditional campus, but we have strengths that traditional campuses don’t have and can’t offer that make us stand out in our own way.

What’s been the best thing about working here?

I love working with the students! There’s something about creating a college experience for these students that just keeps me intrigued. It basically comes down to good customer service.

What do you wish more people knew about OSUIT and the role you play here?

I wish people took the college experience a little more seriously. We are not the only college in the area nor are we the only college that offers the programs that we have. So what’s keeping these students on campus, and keeping these students coming to OSUIT? The college experience; the campus life.

I wish that the opportunities that get students involved could also get employees involved as well. Believe it or not these students look up to most of us or have been impacted by at least one person during their college years. I want to be a positive impact and not a negative impact on that student that comes in contact with me during their time in college.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

I love the workout facilities in Covelle Hall. I am a huge advocate for health and wellness and the ability to choose and use the equipment that we have. We are very fortunate to also have as much space as we do. The newly renovated weight room in Covelle Hall is fantastic. If I am not in my office, you can probably find me there.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about attending or working at OSUIT?

I’d say it takes a certain breed to work in higher education alone, especially in these times. If you are considering working for OSUIT, make it worthwhile. Be able to bring something to campus that is going to help us grow and remain an institution of valued higher education in the state of Oklahoma and the United States work force. Be OSUIT proud!