OSUIT's 224th Commencement: Celebrating the Success of Nearly 300 Graduates

OSUIT's 224th Commencement: Celebrating the Success of Nearly 300 Graduates

OSUIT's 224th Commencement: Celebrating the Success of Nearly 300 Graduates

OSU Institute of Technology's 224th graduating ceremony included nearly 300 industry-bound graduates eager to begin careers in their field. The commencement was held on April 21 in Covelle Hall on the OSUIT campus.

Dr. Bill R. Path welcomed the audience by celebrating the success of OSUIT's next addition to Oklahoma's workforce. Of the graduates, 64% of students received honor status for their exceptional academic performance, with 94 graduating Cum Laude, 53 Magna Cum Laude and 40 Summa Cum Laude.
The speakers for the event shared powerful messages of faith and the individual path they each took that led them to celebrate this academic milestone together.  
Chancellor of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education, Allison Garrett, served as the commencement's keynote speaker and began by acknowledging the achievements of OSUIT through Dr. Path's leadership. 
"Under the leadership of President Path, he has strengthened industry partnerships, developed innovative agreements and set the standard for modern technical education," said Chancellor Garrett. 
She spoke about the importance of challenging yourself and keeping your priorities straight. That kindness will pay off, focusing on three keywords. 

"In the Oxford English dictionary, there are more than 171,000 words, but if I had to pick three to live by, those would be faith, hope and love. They aren't just letters on a page; they are powerful words that can guide you through your life," said Garrett. "When life throws you a curve ball, faith gives you the courage to continue. When fear is holding us back, hope for a better tomorrow is what pushes us forward. When faced with hate or evil, its love allows us to rise above it and choose a better path."

Cambrey Jo Hull served as the student respondent for the 5 pm ceremony as she graduated from the School of Arts, Sciences & Health with an Associate in Applied Science in Applied Technology in Business & Applied Technologies.

Hull shared the unique path that led her to OSUIT and the challenges she faced after being diagnosed with a bilateral hearing disability and an audio-processing disorder. 

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Each of us took a leap of faith and stepped in the right direction. The path still yet wasn't the same for all of us. But, I have learned in my journey that you have to lean on what feels good, not comfortable. You will have to take risks and listen to your heart, even when it is scary.

Although graduates are seated together, wearing the same cap and gown, receiving degrees on the same day, Hull reminded her graduating class of their unique journey to get here. 
"I am so incredibly proud of each graduate here today. With each smile, handshake, and turn of a tassel, there is a story of a path taken to their success. Some stories have similarities, but all have hardships, triumphs, sacrifices, disappointments, and, most importantly, success. Each of us had to say yes to an opportunity that would change our life," acknowledged Hull. "It does not matter how you got here; you did! Be proud of yourself for taking the right steps to get you to this point. Students sitting before me give yourselves a pat on the back, and peers in the stands repeat after me, 'I'm in charge of my journey!' You have the ability to be happy where you are, or you can make the change today to get to where you want to be."
As her speech concluded, Hull thanked OSUIT for contributing to her success. 

"Thank you to Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology; you have developed me into the woman I have always dreamed of becoming. I have been blessed with the best instructors and advisors that have poured into me and provided top-notch education," said Hull.